Persian fly and American eagle

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I BELIEVE that if the Mullah regime adhered to principles, it would adhere to principles stipulated in the Holy Quran. Almighty Allah says: “He gives Wisdom to whomsoever He will and whomsoever is given Wisdom has been given much good; yet no one remembers but men possessed of minds.”

However, the reality throughout the past four decades has proven they are far from what they claim to adhere to as manifested in their pathological persistence in interfering with the affairs of neighboring countries and the use of superiority tone which indicates their detachment from reality.

This regime is living in its sick imagination which bequeathed Iranians with suffering that continue to intensify as international sanctions continue to toughen.

I remembered the abovementioned verse when I read the response of the official spokesperson of Tehran’s Foreign Affairs Ministry – Abbas Mousawi – to the statement made by the Bahraini foreign affairs minister to an Arabic regional newspaper. The Bahraini foreign affairs minister stated: “Iran’s wise men asked centuries ago, how can a fly defeat an eagle?”

This was in a bid to brag about Iran being regarded as a regional power. Nevertheless, the matter is completely opposite in reality. It is up to the leaders to realize that power is volatile and it differs from one country to another.

If Iran intends to close the Strait of Hormuz or go through with its terrorism threats, the regime should realize that it is putting its head in the guillotine.

This is due to the fact that the face off will not be with the Gulf countries only. Instead, the American eagle already brought its naval fleet and aircraft carrier to Gulf waters, in addition to its military bases in the area, wondering whether the Iranian fly would dare float towards the American eagle.

It is vital for decision makers in Iran to have insight on their situation and contemplate past experiences, let alone ascertaining that the era of threats and media arrogance for local consumption is no longer viable even locally.

Particularly, after the recent European warnings on taking any suicidal step in which Iran wants to withdraw from the nuclear deal or cripple its items by reactivating the military aspect which is banned in the deal. This is in addition to exiting from international treaties in this regard without adhering to what is expected of it internationally, especially when it comes to interfering with the internal affairs of its neighbors and supporting terrorism.

Since the early 1970s, Iran has been implementing interference policies on its neighbors’ affairs. It claims that Bahrain belongs to it; that the Arabian Gulf is Persian Gulf. In all this, the regime of Shah was not different from the current Mullah regime.

Despite all that, Gulf countries have been absorbing shocks produced by Iran; not because of fear, but to save the people of the region from a major bloodbath.  Even during the Iraq-Iran war, the Gulf countries worked hard to extinguish sparks of that conflict; but it seems Iran only knows the language of threats and arrogance.

It is time for Iran to interpret threats which have become its norm for the last four decades in terms of closing the Strait of Hormuz and making Gulf waters as the graveyard of American forces.

By the time the ice melts and the meadow appears, the world will know who is the fly and who is the eagle.  As we quoted earlier, “He gives Wisdom to whomsoever He will … ” wondering if the Iranian leadership will realize the danger of the situation.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 14450 times!

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