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Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times
Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

ALL Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member states are completely convinced that the Saudi-led Arab coalition can continue its mission in Yemen for another ten years. The fact is that the Operation Resolve Storm is not a campaign for war but is intended to protect Yemen from the acts of the Houthi coup d’état, which was aimed to ensure the southern part of the Arabian Peninsula is in the hands of Iran so that it can be used as a bridge for invading GCC countries.

When the followers of this coup gave in to the need for searching for an outlet, they discovered that the doors of Riyadh were open. This is what the Deputy Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman said in his speech on Bloomberg TV channel.

Stressing the need for peace before war, he said, “Dialogue will be held with the Houthis. A Houthi delegation is in Riyadh currently for this purpose. There are clear and positive indications that the battling parties in Yemen will very soon reach a deal to end the crisis”.

From the very beginning, Saudi Arabia has been keen on finding a peaceful solution but it was also prepared to deal with any situation in case such talks failed. The statements released in this regard assured all the people of this region that an end to the Yemeni conflict was imminent, but they were based on the principle that the hand that is stretched out for peace does not intend to throw away the weapon on the other hand. In addition, the Operation Resolve Storm has achieved a new reality in the region, which will form the basis for the coming phase, whereby no one will be allowed to threaten GCC security.

Had the Houthis and the ousted Yemeni president Ali Saleh not carried out their coup d’état against the GCC initiative which was aimed at the security and stability of Yemen, there wouldn’t have been any need for war or the resultant human and material losses. From the very beginning, they should have realized their political size, as they represent just 6 percent out of the total 26 million people.

Eventually, they went ahead with their foolishness and formed an air and marine bridge with Iran for providing them with men, weapons and necessary equipment. They also sought the help of the Hezbollah terrorist group. In doing so, they violated all of the red-lines of not only Yemen but also the Arab world. Therefore, it became imperative to carry out a firm operation to put an end to their violations.

Unfortunately, the illusion of power that controlled those people caused them to use the approach of Sadaam Hussain in military propaganda particularly when he issued a threat in 1990 that he is capable of burning down half of Israel with chemical weapons which was followed by his crime of invading Kuwait. In the same manner, the small group hired by Iran had threatened to continue the war until it captured all GCC capitals.

After completing one year of their war, this group and the supporters of its coup have finally realized that they had taken the wrong path. They eventually succumbed to the strength of the Yemeni and GCC will and accepted the option of dialogue.

It is true and an undeniable fact that Houthis are part of Yemen. However, they cannot put others aside and take sole control of the power. The negotiations to be held in Kuwait among all Yemeni parties will be based on this principle, starting with the main points that were agreed upon in Riyadh. These main points include the absolute acceptance of the fact that Yemen is an Arab country and it will not accept any other control.

As we hope the Yemenis will agree on all these points and eventually join the GCC organization, we commend the historical stance taken by Prince Mohammed bin Salman who opened the doors of peace in Yemen but with a finger kept on the trigger of caution.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 37199 times!

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