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Tuesday , September 27 2022

Our private sector, you have made us proud

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Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli Former Minister of Oil

SAUDI ARABIA’s Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper published on the Business World page of its Sept 30 edition a news item that delighted me and restored my selfconfidence as a Kuwaiti who belongs to this land and has not known another homeland from my birth to my elderliness.

The good news says, “M.H. Alshaya Company announced this week that it has made significant progress in its plan to nationalize jobs in its retail shops in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in line with Saudi Vision 2030 which supports diversification of Saudi youth employment opportunities in the private sector.”

This move is also in line with the decision of Saudi Ministry of Labor and Social Development on limiting work in 12 point of sales activities and professions to Saudis. The company organized an employment campaign aimed at identifying retail sector employment opportunities provided by the company’s branches in Saudi Arabia.

The company was successful in employing more than 3,250 Saudi youths in a number of its famous leading brands at regional and international levels. We are grateful and we appreciate our people from the honorable Al-Shaya family for this notable achievement in the sisterly country.

The fate and common interests of sisterly countries can be proven only through action, not words. We wish this can be extended to other sisterly countries such as Bahrain, UAE and Oman in the branches of the giant company that relates its name with Kuwait.

We thank God. Nevertheless, we would like to see this remarkable achievement here in our beloved Kuwait – the next of kin deserves it. There are queues of thousands of youths waiting for their turn in government employment opportunities despite the fact that the private sector employs hundreds of thousands of non-Kuwaiti youths.

The role here does not only lie in the private sector such as Al-Shaya and other giant Kuwaiti companies. The important role lies on the shoulders of the guided government represented by its Social Affairs Ministry, which is awake on some issues and in deep slumber on others.

The role also lies in more than one government agency and institution concerned with the business sector to demand from companies, even if it means starting with a quota, to encourage Kuwaiti youths on the employment waiting list to join them even if they pay unattractive salaries to Kuwaitis. We should not forget here the huge amounts paid under the banner of ‘Kuwaiti labor support’ for the salaries to appear lucrative. We are also in dire need of guidance and correction of concepts in our youths.

“The first thing my dear is to transform and embrace what is available, God will bless you with the rest.” Big thanks in advance to the private sector forces if they take that giant step. There is neither might nor power except with Allah.

By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli Former Minister of Oil

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