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Sunday , January 23 2022

Our Florence Nightingales?

The problem in the world, in part, is that clever people are so full of doubt about everything, while stupid people are so confident that they are right.
The Civil Service Commission (CSC) expressed its fear and concern about the accumulation of job applications submitted by graduates of Sharia colleges and institutes and their numbers increasing by an average of 600 graduates in each batch with a majority of them wanting to work in government jobs and they are far from their specialty.

The CSC stated that the demand for Sharia graduates is low, especially in the endowments ministry and the Ministry of Education and all the CSC’s attempts and endeavors with the Kuwait University, the Ministry of Education and the Public Authority for Applied Education to limit the graduation of these people, in a way that does not comply with the plans of the State and the CSC but the response was generally negative, knowing that the failure of the administrative apparatus is due in part to the presence of specializations that are not needed in the first place.
I think that I and the deceased colleague Ahmad al-Baghdadi were among the first to oppose equating Sharia graduates with law school graduates.

We also opposed the merger of the College of Sharia with the College of Law, and we opposed the acceptance of a Sharia graduate to work in the judiciary or in the Investigation Department, and we strongly opposed opening the door to accept these people in any available job other than what they specialized in, which is a required specialization in the important fields that we need it in order to replace all this large number of non-citizen muezzins and imams, but the problem is that the citizens’ eagerness to join Sharia institutes and colleges is not matched by the same eagerness to work in the same field after graduation, but rather due to the ease of studying and its subsequent use as a lever for other, more prestigious jobs.

The other unfortunate thing is that no party in the government, for dozens of years, has expressed its concern about the situation of these people, and all this is for fear of the domination of religious parties belonging to the parties that benefit most from the graduates of these colleges and institutes, and who owe them almost complete loyalty. Only the Civil Service Commission was overburdened and sounded the alarm, so is anyone listening?
On the other hand, the state, after spending tens of millions of dinars, and over 60 years, succeeded in graduating 1,200 Kuwaiti male and female nurses at a cost that is the highest in the whole world.

Unlike some of those who remain in their work, male and female, especially in non-civilian authorities, I have never met a Kuwaiti nurse in a government hospital, despite the fact that the number of members of the Kuwaiti Nursing Association, which was established 40 years ago, exceeds 850. Where are the majority of the nurses? Were they satisfied with the rewarding salary and the large bonus, and left the ‘Florence Nightingale’ and her dreams behind them?

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By Ahmad alsarraf

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