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Wednesday , March 29 2023

‘One, 2 ones, 3 ones, 4 ones’

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“… for it is not true that there are some good colons and others that are wicked. There are colons and that is it” — French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre (1905-1980).

A senior citizen once decided to enroll into an adult education program in order to eradicate illiteracy in his life. One of the subjects in the program was English language.

Unfortunately, as he was going to his first class, he met one of the “clowns” in the school, who voluntarily advised the old man, in order to give him an edge in the English class, to memorize numbers in English. This prompted the old student to ask to be taught.

“One, two ones, three ones, four ones, five ones … etc”, said the not-so-funny clown in his attempt to teach the inspired old man English numbers.

The hardworking man — very naïve — memorized the numbers, not realizing the prank being played on him. The rest is left to imagination as to how things went when he raised his hand in order to answer a question about English numbers.

This funny yet not funny story reminds me of the unfortunate events that transpire in the region especially when incompetent people take charge of events. Here I am not pointing at any specific event, as the region is witnessing event after event to a point that when an event ends, another one starts, and majority of them are sadly funny.

For instance, the independent referendum that took place in Kurdistan certainly wouldn’t have taken place without a clear green signal from the major powers. There would not be any opposition from any country apart from efforts to fill newspaper pages or to show their people that they tried to stop it.

Irrespective of this and the statements that neither nourish nor beat hunger in anyway, the matter is a done deal, especially since the major powers have issued the “Go” sign.

The Kurdistan independence did not come out of the blue and was not based on a hasty decision or reaction. It actually is a result of researches and studies conducted by the power centers that influence decisions in the United States of America, some of which have even been published on the Internet.

Therefore after Israel openly declared its support of the referendum and with silent approval from the White House, the issue of the Kurdistan independence became a done deal. All that remains is determining the time required for all procedures of establishing the independent State of Kurdistan to be completed, which will be a prerequisite for its declaration and recognition.

The countries that are opposed to this and even threaten to use force against the Kurdistan State are considered like an illiterate child who only knows “one, two ones, three ones and four ones”. The not funny clown is the one who allowed countries to oppose, threaten and launch sentimental speeches; however, in reality, when the time comes, such countries will recognize Kurdistan’s independence immediately.

Real politics is the one that is practiced with sagacity and behind closed doors. Those in charge of actual politics are well aware of the fact that “one, two, three, etc” are the real numbers, and not the “five ones, six ones and seven ones”.

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By Yousef Awadh Al-Azmi