Oh, son of Sabah, we are still waiting for you, stand by you

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It is clear that the deputies of the Document of Values are striving, amid government and clear parliamentary silence, to apply their visions, stifle any upcoming manifestations of joy, and turn Kuwait into something like a pavilion of sadness and gloom.

In a strict move against freedoms, the “Committe to Combat Negative Phenomena,” through one of its representatives, aimed its arrows at the parties, calling for strictness and not agreeing to hold them.

Another member of the committee confirmed that there are deterrent laws that will soon be applied against deviants and immoral corrupt.

A third member, in what appears to be a race to win the shield of extremism, said that the committee will fight what is being promoted in violation of Sharia.

A fourth called on the Ministers of Information and Commerce to bear their responsibilities, and to deter anyone who might be tempted to harm the image of the conservative Kuwaiti society.

It also seems clear that those who call themselves civilian or non-extreme representatives, most of them, except for one or two, will not speak out against these people, their noise or sabotage. Rather, they will be silent, or will individually oppose, often in a low voice.

This means that Kuwait will gradually turn into a very conservative society in harmony with the values of a part of it, and the historical values of the state, the values of the majority, related to openness to the other, and liberalism, societal and commercial, will be trampled upon, and the majority and the stronger parties will remain silent, as if it does not concern them, as long as they can have whatever they want and whenever they want and let the nation solve its problems on its own.

As long as we adhere to the ruling family, and we love our leaders, and as the supposed representative of the liberal national movement, the late Abdulaziz Al-Saqer, said in his speech at the People’s Conference in Jeddah: “The pledge of Kuwaitis — the pledge of allegiance to the Al-Sabah family has never been the subject of controversy to confirm, and there is no room for criticism to be renewed, nor is it linked with a date to be extended, it was an existing cooperation and agreement, and continued love and consistency, and was enshrined in a constitution and a charter.

This is the feeling of the Kuwaiti people as a whole towards the Al-Sabah family, and from this point of view we wish them to intervene and save what remains of the state’s reputation.

Everything that was built between the family and the people in terms of traditions is liable to collapse in front of this tribal and sectarian current allied with extremist religious forces, which will spread sadness and gloom, and will cause great harm to freedoms and the culture of society and will destroy everything and sabotage at the hands of members of the “offensive supreme body”, with the support of extremist forces and the silent ones, and we will regret their silence, and the laws that they will introduce.

Therefore, the only solution is not to pay attention completely to all the demands of backwardness, and for the state to move strongly towards more openness, as this was Kuwait throughout its history and it is not permissible for a semi-emergency group to come and impose its way of life and visions on us.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 30886 times!

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