Oh Nasrallah, the days of wearing ‘Tarboosh’ over

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Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

IN his fourth speech, head of the corrupt faction Hassan Nasrallah surrendered to the populist demands, even though in an equivocal manner. He attempted to hang all his dirty clothes on the United States of America, forgetting that his party is the source of all the crises facing Lebanon.

These crises came to existence from the time the force of arms dominated the decision of the state, hijacked its will, and controlled the junctures of its administrations.

Head of Amal Movement Nabih Berri – who is Nasrallah’s partner in crime – also yielded to the protesters but not in terms of legislating laws in line with the clear demands of the people that were introduced 27 days ago. The legislation have been smuggled with the aim of exonerating the corrupt in power and their cartels.

Berri rushed to close the House of Representatives, while the street continues to reject any truce with the political juntas who stand either to lose opportunities or the suppression of people by Hezbollah.

This distribution of roles within the Shiite duo revealed the emptiness of the threats made by Nasrallah, despite his braggadocio of his group being stronger than the past. This was his attempt to deceive people and evade taking responsibility of the anti-corruption slogan he used in the recent campaign.

During the campaign, Nasrallah threatened to expose the corrupt, and also promised to unravel many files of their corruption. However, he did not expose any of the corruption file, preferring to escape by talking about long and complicated paths in this regard, and insisting that fighting corruption is harder than fighting the Israeli enemy.

Nasrallah was merely creating a smokescreen even when he announced that the fight against corruption should start with the Hezbollah MPs and ministers by lifting the bank confidentiality privilege of their accounts.

Indeed Mr Nasrallah, where do you want the anti-corruption war to start from? Should it start with the ports and smuggling operations? Or the uncontrolled weapons under the title of resistance and the so-called squadrons? Or the sale of “Captagon” and narcotic pills? Or covering illegal crossings? Or fake medicines? Or the five “saints” under your protection who are wanted by the International Tribunal?

The hands of the ministers and MPs affiliated to Hezbollah and their counterparts in the Amal Movement are all over the aforementioned scandals. If Nasrallah is sincere in asking the anti-corruption officers to start with any of his own people, all the masks would have fallen and every corruption would be exposed.

Indeed, the Lebanese have not overlooked the facts in hand; hence, their response to his words triggered more anger.

Oh Nasrallah, instead of facing the crisis head on, and addressing the issue of preventing the formation of the government because it won’t be under your command, you opted to instead talk about Iran and the Houthis, and cast all the problems facing Lebanon on the USA, claiming that it prevents investments in it and imposes sanctions.

The question is – Is it the United States alone that is preventing all this from Lebanon or the international community which sees your country as an Iranian farm where all the evil plants are grown? Or have you missed the phrase “if I knew” and you are trying to repeat it today after the Lebanese have completed their uprising and the walls are falling on your head?

Many Lebanese are requesting you, oh Nasrallah, to explain your words – “A corrupt person is like an agent against his country; he neither has religion nor sect”.

Does this apply to you and your group? Even in your last speech, you admitted again that you are receiving funds and weapons from Iran.

Nonetheless, it seems that the days of wearing “Tarboosh” (Fez) – the deceiving days – did not benefit you this time.

You are addicted to betrayal, and you are no longer able to distinguish between the innocent rising up against the Iranian dominance and your already-corrupt self.

In his latest speech, Hassan Nasrallah expressed the truth about the tragic end of the Iranian control in Lebanon and Iraq, where the government followed the instructions of Iran’s Major General Qasem Suleimani to quell the protests.

This is a historic opportunity for the Arabs to play their real role, instead of leaving it for the foreign powers to fill the vacuum. These forces are not charitable societies; they have their aspirations and ambitions that transcend the borders of Lebanon and Iraq.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 22072 times!

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