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Tuesday , December 6 2022

Oh Kazemi … Iraq fertile, however!

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UNDOUBTEDLY, the Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi’s visit to Kuwait was timely from both economic and political aspects. Discussions were held in depth regarding the Kuwaiti-Iraqi relations and ways to develop and advance it, in addition to achieving more openness in dealings.

In this regard, it seems the Prime Minister was inspired by one of his books, “The Iraq Question and the Reconciliation between the Past and the Future” to base the foundations of those relations, and figure out how to overcome the tails of the heinous crime committed by Saddam Hussein against Kuwait by invading it on August 2, 1990, and the rift it caused between the two brotherly nations.

During the meeting, we witnessed his good understanding of the meaning of Iraq’s connection with its Arab neighbors. They are Iraq’s guards, due to which if it moves away from them, it will be exposed, which translates to weakness in the face of challenges.

In this regard, relations can only be based on frankness, reconciliation and joint work in various fields, especially in the field of development, as this large country is emerging from great challenges that lasted two decades, and needs to expand investment circles in various fields.

That being said, we return to Kuwait’s Northern Economic Zone Project. Everyone had pinned high hopes on this project, especially with the free trade and industrial zones, as they will ease the heavy burden on Iraqis in terms of import and export, considering that its southern region is thirsty because of the long distance of 700 kilometers and more between this region and the places of import.

However, if there is a free trade zone, another industrial zone and Kuwaiti ports close to the border, the distance will not exceed 70 kilometers. This will ensure the revival of both southern Iraq and northern Kuwait.

The discussions of the Iraqi Prime Minister Al-Kazemi with the Kuwaiti officials were clear and frank in terms of deepening the cooperation between the two countries, and getting out of the tunnel of the past.

This man is well aware of the fact that his country has survived in difficult challenges for several centuries, since the time Nimrod tried to burn Allah’s Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH) but the Almighty ensured the fire was cool and safe for him.

Indeed, the openness to the neighborhood must be reflected in prosperity, for Iraq did not stabilize until the era of the Abbasid state. During that era, the great capital Baghdad was built. Today it needs to be inspired anew through a capable leadership that is aware of the dangers that currently beset the country.

There is no doubt that the vision that Al-Kazemi is working on implementing can only be based on cooperation between the inside and the outside. Therefore, the Iraqis must abandon everything that draws them to the recent dictatorial past, and head towards the future through innovations for which they are known.

Also, the Arab neighborhood should strive seriously to open up to this country. Its Prime Minister is working on the new Levant project, which will undoubtedly be a great Arab pillar. This effort will not be interrupted with the election of a new prime minister in the upcoming elections, which Al-Kazemi summarized in a clear sentence as, “Iraq is a fertile country.”

Yes, Mustafa Al-Kazemi is well aware that his country cannot get out of its Arab skin, and it has no escape from winning its neighbors except through friendship and joint cooperation, given that what threatens Iraq threatens the Arabian Gulf states and vice versa.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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