Oh Your Highness, thwart their second coup to save the country

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Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

ACCORDING to the Kuwaiti Constitution, His Highness the Amir is the head of all authorities, and judicial rulings are issued under his name. Therefore, transgression on any of the authorities represents a transgression on his entity, which is protected by the Constitution.

For those attempting to cripple one of the pillars of the state — the national identity represented symbolically by the citizenship — through a series of amendments to the relevant laws, the least that can be said, with good intentions, about such moves is that they are an indication of sheer ignorance about legislation.

However, if we base the same attempt on a previous experience, it can be considered as a sheer coup attempt on the state, which starts with withholding its leader from one of his sovereign rights. This forms the prelude to swooping down on the rest of the rights and usurping everything else pertaining to the leadership.

Aren’t the MPs who submitted the proposed amendments to the citizenship law and limited it to be handled by the courts, the same MPs who previously casted doubt on the judiciary authority? In fact, aren’t they the ones who were involved in fabrication of “films” and documents that were deemed offensive to the judiciary, judges and some national figures as they were being accused of taking bribes?

These victims included His Highness Sheikh Nasser Al-Muhammad and the late Jassem Al-Kharafiamong others against whom things that no one could have ever imagined were said. The aim of those MPs was to indirectly offend the head of the state because judicial rulings are issued under his name.

Aren’t some of these MPs among those who refused the lifting of their parliamentary immunity from prosecution using every tool of intimidation and allurement so that they did not have to be subjected to the judicial court, as they are still convicted over their past corruption regarding the judiciary, which is praised by Kuwaitis and the world? What made these people seek limiting the authority of the head of the state and the body representing him, which is the executive authority, over a sovereign matter and preventing him from practicing this right?

Doesn’t it represent a soft coup after the past failed attempts to topple the ruling regime through the street? When the citizenship restoration bazaar started, some of the MPs began issuing intimidations and threats, showing off in front of their devils, as though they will achieve victory through that. However, when they clashed with the law, they started distancing themselves from their evil acts. This is true to the words of Almighty Allah in Quran 2:166 — “When those who were followed, disown (declare themselves innocent of) those who followed (them), and they see the torment, then all their relations will be cut off from them”.

They attempted to go back to their previous style of action, which sent those who were fascinated by them to prison. Now they are looking for new victims, this time through the citizenship law. Who knows what they are striving for through this law? Some of them went on to deceive people by indicating about a deal which has been reached and involves reinstatement of citizenship in exchange for prevention of grilling His Highness the Prime Minister.

However, reality revealed the lie represented by this deal, which has no link to the Constitution or even logic. This is a clear indication of their disregard of the Constitution and law, and their struggle to achieve their suspicious objectives, which they know they cannot achieve unless they cripple and suspend the entire state authority.

About five years ago, these people tried to usurp the state decision through various ways to the extent that they used the streets and mobilized their fans for that purpose. Endorsement of the one-vote system was aimed at rectifying a flaw in the electoral representation. Through the historic decree on the one-vote system, their attempts were brought to an end, especially since they could have driven Kuwait into the furnace of the so-called “Arab Spring”, which many former and some current MPs had called for, after they saw an opportunity to conquer.

However, the head of all authorities in the country thwarted their malicious strive, which is why they are today seeking to complete the mission that they were unable to achieve in the past, through deceptive amendments to the citizenship law. The head of all authorities is the custodian of the nation. He is the keenest about upholding justice and implementing law on everyone without exception. He is the most caring about his people. This is the conviction of most of the Kuwaiti people who will rally behind the wise decision of His Highness the Amir, like they did before, with the aim of thwarting another attempt of toppling the state.


By Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times
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This news has been read 7437 times!

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