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O Palestinians … your blood is cheapest & takers missing

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THERE is no more meanness than in attitudes of those who send others to war, unconcerned about what will befall them – loss of lives, disabilities, the destruction of property, power outages, and demolition of schools and places of worship while they enjoy the comfort of their air-conditioned homes.

The issue becomes even more nauseating when the advocates and clerics call on the Palestinians to resist and tweeters call for non-acceptance of half-solutions while yet others lure them to teach the Zionist enemy a lesson so that either all of Palestine is regained or death awaits them. These advocates return to their safe homes after pushing the Palestinians to the verge of death and destruction.

Hamas and others launch thousands of poorly made rockets at Israel and the latter responded by destroying the homes of the innocent people with their fighter planes, keep the leaders alive, burn homes and hearts, leave behind widows, orphans, the wounded and the hungry to the point people will be pushed more backward to face more starvation.

The reactions on the ground are only denunciation, trading in the issue continues, the Arab condemnation continues and so the burning of the Israeli flag.

There is no doubt Israel’s crimes are unacceptable, given the violation of human rights but are we more merciful to ourselves than our enemy? There are many of us who were killed by our unclean hands than those of us at the hands of our enemies but this is another story.

Some repeat, stupidly or with bad intention that the Zionists are the most coward and some have believed the saying which may be true or otherwise but what matters is the results. These ignorant people do not know that calling the enemy ‘coward’ does not favor our cause.

How could cowards – as we describe them – humiliate our armies, conquer us, and expel us from our homes while we are many times more in population than them? What would they do to us if they were, for example, less coward … ? One usually praises the courage of the one who defeated him, and does not demean him and this is also another story.

The number of Arabs, let alone Muslims, is approximately 400 million, of who 350 million do not know where Palestine is located and are not interested to know because they are busy looking for a livelihood.

As for the rest, they know but often do not care. Groups of people are scattered all over the place, some of them know and the majority of them think they know and each of them has their own perceptions and ideas with tinted with differences on the issue, however a majority believes that the weak point in the issue lies in the multiplicity of leaderships, the corruption of some of them and their insistence at the same time to keep the issue stagnant without union while continuing to demand an influx of financial and moral support from Arab brothers.

With the semi-neutralization of the Arab and Islamic sides in the issue, we find that the confrontation has become confined to the Palestinians and the Israelis and since the balance of power between the two parties is not in the interest of the Palestinians, what is the way out?

Only an ignorant and deficient person denies the enormity of the suffering that the Palestinians are subjected to and their right to a free and independent homeland. This right should not change the fact that some Jews of Israel, regardless of their number had been living in Palestine for thousands of years. The dispute is not with them but with the millions that came next and took possession of the houses, the land and the grove for themselves.

The Palestinians and the weakest local forces that stood behind them lost and the Jews who were behind them the most powerful international powers won. They took the land, made use of time and formed a state recognized by the world while a majority of Palestinians remained displaced and tortured because of the fatal mistakes committed over the decades by their few inexperienced leaders who rejected all compromises and Hamas’s alliance with the regime in Iran and previously with the likes of (Muammar) Gaddafi (of Libya) and Saddam (Hussein of Iraq) are indications of how weak and helpless these leaders are.

Consequently, it is imperative to go back in order to learn the lessons of history and finally find a way out for the legitimate owners of the land and an end to this conflict for the benefit of millions of Palestinians who have been deprived of their homeland, identity and human dignity.

What I write represents a personal point of view that bears the error more than it bears the right, I am not a neutral party nor a researcher or a scientist in the case but I am a reader concerned with the matter since I was ten years old and I lived and sympathized with the Palestinians, and I have been doing this for more than 65 years.

They are part of my being and my culture, and I reject the idea of sitting on the sidewalk or under the air conditioner of the house and say to the legitimate owners of the case: ‘Go with your families and fight your enemy, we are waiting here for your victory’.

It is clear that there is no military solution to the issue, neither in the foreseeable future nor beyond that time. There is nothing wrong with resorting to a peaceful solution and this cannot be achieved on the ground without a Palestinian unity.

As long as the Palestinians remain fragmented, the Israeli brutality will continue and the blood of the Palestinians will continue to spill. They will be impoverished, kept ignorant with disrupted education, tortured, and their homes and infrastructure will continue to be destroyed.

“It is illogical to have two Palestinian forces on the ground, each with its own leadership, goals, ambitions and greed and we expect that there will be the possibility of concluding a peace agreement with the other side, the one with clear goals and one voice.

The Arab conflict, or rather, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is a civilizational conflict, which was not like that in its beginnings but the gap widened with the increasing interest of Israelis in science and the migration of thousands of brains to the ‘Promised Land’, while in the meantime the reluctance of the owners of the land, as is the custom of us all, from the issues of research in difficult matters and our lack of interest, perhaps even today, in the importance of modern science.

The Israelis succeeded and innovated where we failed and they insisted and worked to preserve the dignity of their citizens and their right to life, and this is what we never knew no less than half of the components of our societies have no dignity or rights other than crumbs.

The Jews, who were behind the renaissance of Israel and its scientific advancement had previously lived in a secular environment, often not religious, and Judaism was more an identity than a religion.

The vast majority of them are believers in Western democracy that sanctifies knowledge and mankind, at a time when our societies have remained captive of their religious culture which rejects modernity and adheres to heritage, so they kept pace with time and creativity and we stood still and went backwards.

Moreover, their dreams which we reject necessitate that they extend their control over the entire Promised Land, while forgetting that our beliefs require us to extend our control over the whole world, and then we denounce others’ rejection of it.

Our legacies also made us feel superior to others, and this contributed to our lack of innovation, so why do we have to do that while we believe that we are the best nation?

While the elderly European Jews thought of the most important matters and sought to establish a modern Western style Hebrew university in 1925, this dangerous civilizational event met only with Palestinian indifference and it took thirty years sufficient enough to uproot the scientific gap between the two sides and the Palestinians discovered later the need for a university, so they established the ‘Bir Zeit’ but the train of progress had already left the station.

Above all, to achieve peace with Israel requires a single secular national leadership that is not linked to any political or religious side and that it is chosen by all components of the Palestinian people under direct international supervision.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

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