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O’ Palestinians … whoever covers himself with the quilt of others will get cold

FOR 15 restless days and nights, the people of Jerusalem resisted bravely until they broke the blockage at Al-Aqsa Mosque.

While Jerusalem was begging for support of the Arab and Islamic world, her voice has gone with the wind of Arab-Arab disputes calling to mind the ancient wars (Dahes and Al-Ghabra’a). Muslims, who have been trading in the issue of Jerusalem for a long time, relaxed their bodies on the silky beds of their schizophrenia.

Those who made the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan as Jerusalem Day and established their troops that murdered Arabs in Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon remained silent when Aqsa Mosque suffered due to the Israeli blockage. It seemed that the Aqsa they were talking about is located in Mars, not some kilometers from their fellow, Hassan Nasrallah, who raised the slogan, “Marching … marching until Al-Aqsa.”

Apparently, Hassan Nasrallah lost the compass so he went to the East in order to liberate Syria instead of going to the South to liberate the first Qibla (direction of prayer) for Muslims.

For a fortnight, the Jerusalemites suffered as they removed the blockage using their bare hands, chests and continuous prayers. They found no supporter but themselves. Allah Almighty gave them the power and made them a unique example of resistance. That example has nothing to do with white collars and stylish neck ties. That unique example owns nothing but the belief in their land, right and Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The Jerusalemites had no consideration for 18 armed parties with their leaderships vacillating between the desires of former Egyptian president Jamal Abdul Nasser who lost Sinai within a few hours instead of throwing Israel into the sea as he used to say, and the Syrian ‘resistant’ regime which stood silently in front of the Golan Heights without any reaction against the Israeli practices concerning Judaization of Jerusalem.

Palestinian groups and organizations took the side of Saddam Hussein when he invaded Kuwait deceivingly, covered by the big lie — the Jerusalem Army with seven million soldiers. They were too enthusiastic about the slogans of Muammar Gaddafi, to the extent that they chose to fight at the border strip Tizi Ouzo of Chad, dreaming that the African Desert could lead them to the place they should be in.

They made Jounieh City in Lebanon a compulsory way to Haifa. They thought that involvement in Yemeni-Yemeni struggles is the best way to reach Safed. They created the Black September in Jordan turning the Jordanians, who shared their suffering and resistance, into tools for liberating Tel Aviv. They are not different from al-Qaeda, DAESH and Hezbollah. They raised the slogan on liberating Arabs from the ‘reactionary regimes’ under the pretext that the next step is restoring Palestine.

Yes, the people of Jerusalem ended the Al-Aqsa Mosque blockage alone, not in favor of the Iranian Jerusalem legion which they have been waiting for 38 years while the latter had been busy swirling terrorism in the Arab and Muslim world. It has not reached them and will never reach them.

Khamenei, who once said, “If all Muslims emptied buckets of water on Israel, they would have drowned it,” made his Mullah regime fill buckets with peanut deals with Israel; whereas the Basij and the Revolutionary Guard were fighting the enemies of Tel Aviv in their capitals under the guise of fighting for Jerusalem to mislead and camouflage their real action.

The slogans of Abdul Naser fell in 1967 and the resistance has been incorporated into the ‘strategic balance’ game and the ‘suitable response in time and place’ theory. It was disclosed lately that there were closed door negotiations in which the Palestinians did not participate.

After all of these, it is high time for Palestinians to be aware that no one in this world will rescue them and treat them justly as long as they make their organizations and blocs into guns for hire. They should know that their unity behind an internationally recognized leadership will relieve them of a lot of suffering.

When the people of Jerusalem took their decision, they were aware that “whoever covers himself with the quilt of others will get cold.” Therefore, they opened the doors of Al-Aqsa Mosque with their perseverance alone. They did not gamble on anyone. They gambled on themselves and they won. This is what all the people of Palestine should know, that on their own, they can get their rights from the Israeli occupiers, especially since there is a general conviction in the world that the conflict has become Palestine-Israel conflict.

For them to reach their goal, they need to get out of disagreement and division; such that Gaza does not remain a mortgaged country for Qatari-Iranian interests, Hamas will not be a tool for the Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamic Jihad Movement will not be an Iranian branch.

All Palestinian factions should be dissolved under the Palestine Liberation Organization and Palestinian National Authority which alone can make them stronger. These factions should learn a lesson from the people of Jerusalem if they really want an independent State.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times


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