O Mohammed VI, you will always be the King of Hearts

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Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

MOROCCAN King Mohammed VI deserves the “King of Hearts” title because of his standing among the Moroccans who see in him a renewed renaissance and a maker of hope through his moral doses and continuous activity in following up the affairs of the country as well as for making Morocco the golden gate to the African continent.

Hence, when he underwent heart surgery, his fellow Moroccans supplicated and prayed to Almighty Allah to render the surgery successful, and to grant their king a speedy recovery.

King Mohammed VI would not have acquired such love if he had not worked throughout the past years to advance his country’s affairs, devote all his activities to its development in the urban and humanitarian fields, and solve several dilemmas that the country experienced for decades.

In the educational field, the state worked throughout the last two decades to reduce illiteracy by a large percentage. By building more educational facilities in various regions, it is currently seeking to render illiteracy at the lowest levels. This is due to the prevailing conviction of the Moroccan king that the renaissance of nations lies in human development which can build the economy and the infrastructure that highlights its role in crises.

This is what happened during the COVID-19 crisis, as Morocco proved to be a pioneer in combating the spread of the virus locally. Only six thousand cases were reported out of the population of about 40 million people, and more than half had recovered, while very few death cases were recorded.

The country did not accept any foreign aid, because it was self-sufficient. In fact, it rushed to send medical aid to 15 African countries and some European countries.

There is no doubt that this can be interpreted from the volume of congratulations and well-wishes received at the royal palace from all over the world for the success of the surgery.

It is also an affirmation of the Moroccan role in foreign policy, which is based on establishment of stability in a continent that has long suffered from political challenges and military conflicts.

The geographical location of Morocco makes it a link between Africa, Europe and the Arab world, and requires it to play a unifying role, bridging gaps in viewpoints, and initiating to strengthen relations among different civilizations.

Therefore, the several initiatives of the young monarch are aimed at spreading a culture of peace and coexistence among religions and civilizations, given that peace is an essential pillar of life in this world, and protection of freedom of beliefs and right to practice religious rites is the main pillar of this building.

As an expression of these pillars, Morocco is a land of tolerance, openness and coexistence among different religions, races and civilizations.

There is no doubt that this successful surgical operation came as a new occasion for Moroccans to renew the pledge of allegiance to their king, entailing to continue working for further development, progress and prosperity.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 35235 times!

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