O leadership … We are awaiting Allah’s mercy on our Homeland

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IT seems chaos is the norm, and the rest is just the details.

When the government and institutions are performing poorly, it does not mean that the state is doing well. When officials do not hear the people’s cries for help either on media or social networks, it means there is a problem with the entire state.

How will the people’s affairs be handled when the National Assembly has not done its job since its election? The government is either dismissed or resigned, and the caretaker government continues to be the norm for months. Leadership positions are either vacant or occupied. Given that, what applies to the government also applies to these institutions.

Thousands of lines are written on a daily basis in the newspapers about the ongoing crisis, despite the Deputy Amir and the Crown Prince His Highness Sheikh Mishaal Al-Ahmad setting a roadmap in his speech during the opening of the National Assembly. His speech was received by everyone in the country with much optimism, and was something that could have been built on. In addition, His Highness, in his speech on June 22, affirmed that the people and the ruling family are partners in the responsibility of running the country.

Unfortunately, those concerned, especially in the two authorities, did not realize the magnitude of this responsibility that was placed upon them. They instead insulted themselves, the people, and the constitution.

Indeed, they committed this when they did not perform to achieve the popular demands, which His Highness the Deputy Amir expressed with full transparency, something that is unparalleled in Kuwait’s modern political history.

They pushed the country to further decline on all levels including the economy, housing care, loans, and closing the country, as well as the “weird” decisions regarding who is entitled to enter Kuwait, and the specifications that only express diligence in paralyzing the tourism and service sectors, which are still suffering from the great closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Even the simplest things, such as amnesty, have been disrupted, without considering the fact that there are prisoners who were arrested as a result of misdemeanors or financial cases. They can be released, like in all countries of the world, but they are wronged daily as a result of not being pardoned on national occasions.

Here we ask – With these government decisions, methods and practices, is it possible to advance the state and strive to achieve the “New Kuwait 2035” vision? How can they be achieved in the presence of regressive laws, for which no alternative has been initiated that is consistent with the global movement of openness and the promotion of initiatives to revitalize the economy and achieve major projects?

What are these opposition and loyalists betting on for disrupting the country? This vacuum in institutions has started affecting the dignity of the people, and not just the two authorities, such that we have become a laughing stock in the region, as well as in the world. We do not lack financial and human capabilities to achieve everything that can make this country among the developed countries.

Stubbornness and entrenchment behind illusions will not contribute to achieving the goals of the parliamentarians or the government. They must remember that “whoever punches the wall will only harm his fist.”

Therefore, we implore Almighty Allah to have mercy on this country and its people from political amateurs who have tampered with all institutions and brought upon the country all these crises, which will undoubtedly pass down to our future generations if they continue.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 96657 times!

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