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THE stability of the government is supposed to be an aspect that everyone is keen about. Every minister works according to a comprehensive program developed for the state. The prime minister works in accordance with the supreme interests of the state. The country is not a battle arena between the legislative and executive authorities.

Unfortunately, this fact seems to elude those in charge. It also seems that they did not learn from the 43 previous governments and dozens of ministers, and the mistakes that were committed and the way they were remedied.

There is always a fault either in the prime minister or in the ministers themselves or in the National Assembly, whose understanding of democracy seems different from what prevails in the world. As soon as a government is formed, crisis erupts, and polemics and interpellations begin.

All this has affected all sectors of the country, as neither infrastructure was developed, nor roads paved properly. Education went from bad to worse, and its outputs could not be relied upon. Also, the health sector is still struggling and the economy is deteriorating. Projects never cease to have defects. The looting of public money has become a habit. Hence, news about scandals no longer come as a surprise to anyone.

Only Kuwait among the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council is moving against the clock. It seems as if there is an insistence on being backward, and settling for mediocre in all aspects. While other countries open their doors, there are some in Kuwait who insist on closing the country with a “lock and key”.

For a few years, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was accused of being a closed and backward country. People were prevented from visiting it for any purpose other than pilgrimage. However, it has today transformed into a tourist destination. After the completion of the great NEOM project, it aspires to bring in 100 million tourists. According to official statistics, 30 million tourists from all over the world entered Saudi Arabia last year.

Also, as the UAE announced years ago that it would reduce dependence on oil in light of the diversification of other sources of income. It eventually transformed into a commercial destination and a hub for regional and major companies. More than 75 million tourists and visitors enter it annually.

Turkey canceled visa requirements, and now welcomes more than 100 million tourists annually. There are hundreds and even thousands of Kuwaitis who own real estate, homes, and projects in Turkey. This country has never been afraid of residents violating the residency law, or of the presence of Bedoun residents, even though it is ruled by a religious party.

The whole world today seeks openness, while two countries are against it – Kuwait and Afghanistan.

For years, the country has been experiencing a social earthquake due to the spread of drugs, violence among young people, and other problems because of the existence of a backward current imposed throughout the years of culture from the Middle Ages as a result of the alliance of successive governments with it. It will undoubtedly have the upper hand in the future government if it follows the usual path.

It is unfortunate that when we bring up these problems in front of any minister or even the prime minister, he raises his finger to the top and says “orders from above”. So who is above and refuses reform?

Let us say it frankly – The powerless alone places responsibilities on others, so is there anything higher than the government to rule?

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 40306 times!

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