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Tuesday , December 7 2021

O government of procrastination, now is the time to put your action where your mouth is

A FEW days ago, His Highness the Prime Minister held a meeting with graduate students. During that meeting, he told them, “Do not worry about the tension between the government and the parliament. All matters are resolved according to the rules and references of political action”.

If that is the case, we beg to ask,“If All things are resolved according to this perspective, why did the government not accomplish the minimum level of its program, throughout the last parliamentary terms? In fact, it passed some laws that serve it and serve the populist MPs”.

On the other hand, suppose that the parliament was the barrier in front of the government’s determination to accomplish, isn’t it logical to take advantage of the parliamentary recess of a month and 18 days to work? It was natural that this constituted a starting point for the executive authority to carry out its work comfortably away from the parliamentary inconveniences invoked over the past months. So we wonder, what has changed in this regard?

The government is stagnant, and is becoming more and more subservient to profiteers from all sides. It has not stopped the tampering of health applications that have proven to be a failure, and hindered the lives of Kuwaitis, who now have the right to seek compensation for the damages they incurred.

It has not made any achievement on the economic level, and has been content with constructional statements after every session of the Council of Ministers, the last of which was two days ago. That session had ended in nothing, but wailing and whining about the economic situation that it failed to manage until its regress became an inherent feature of it.

His Highness the Prime Minister pledged in front of the graduate students a series of expected accomplishments, but the truth is that they are closer to dreams given that they were all based on procrastination tenses that are meant to escape commitment and decisiveness.

Indeed, His Highness brought matters back to square one by saying, “We will fulfill the dream of the late Nasser Sabah Al-Ahmad in the Silk City, and we will present amendments to its law. God willing, my colleagues and the parliamentarians will speed up the pace by approving it until we implement the project”.

Here, we ask, “Aren’t His Highness privy to the fact that the same MPs blocked the project and others? What about the law in this regard that was approved in 2017 and amended in 2019? What about its violation of the decision that the Prime Minister issued on June 24, 2020 to transfer supervision of the Northern Economic Zone Development Authority to the State Ministry for Municipal Affairs? Aren’t these laws and decisions sufficient to start implementing the mega developmental project, or is there more beneath the iceberg?”

Kuwaitis are weary of the government wasting time and its inability to accomplish, but more than that, they have started smelling the stench of submission to Islamist political currents, which for years have sought to obstruct any development. This is because they see in this a harm to their interests and political plans, and have therefore tied down the country with their perverted restrictions that have nothing to do with Islam, let alone the Kuwaiti culture.

In this regard, we present to your Highness the clearest examples of this. The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has been quick to implement the orders it receives from one of the former MPs who was thrown out of the parliament through the ballot boxes, as if he is the one who runs it and not the incumbent minister?

Whvt did the government do in this regard other than submit more to this former MP and others who have no official status? Did it not remain silent about closing down the gym, and submissively bow to his order to remove the statue of Venus from one of the malls, which was just an advertisement for cosmetics?

Kuwait is setting out to the future, but what kind of a  future is envisaged from a government that is going against the current, as it is today, as if it is returning to the caves of Kandahar with those who seek to generalize the Afghan model in the Islamic world?

It is not the Kuwaitis’ fault that they believed in the government’s potential to succeed in expressing their aspirations and ambitions to achieve a homeland that would be on the same level as the Gulf states that preceded us by light years, and to get out of the impasse of procrastination that the country entered as a result of inaction and contentment with promises or throwing accusations at others.

However, the time is now … There is still about a month and a half of the parliamentary recess … So why don’t you prove to the Kuwaitis that it is the National Assembly that is disrupting, and start a workshop with necessary decrees?

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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