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Saturday , March 25 2023

‘No winner in crisis’ – ‘Wisdom key’

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“The Arab political and economic affairs would have been good, so would the Arab media if management of Arab affairs was good”  — Mohammad bin Rashid Al-Maktoum.

It’s been two months since the unfortunate Gulf crisis began and situation of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) started to deteriorate, and as it appears, the issue may continue in the same manner for a while or even get worse.

So far, there is no glimpse of hope to mend the rift despite the international backed mediation efforts of Kuwait. In fact, the repercussions have reached the point of crossing many redlines in terms of relations between the parties involved, rendering the observers to witness mutual provocations that continue to irritate and hurt at the time.

I will not engage into who is right or wrong, because this platform does not allow that. If truth be told, the issue is too big to be covered in an article like this.

However, is it logical for relations to reach this low level? Did anyone expect the media war to erupt and even transgress ethical and moral principles? It is a disturbing scene and shameful to see leaves of brotherly relations falling on crisis ground the way leaves fall in autumn. There is no winner in the ongoing crisis; within a family or among brothers, there are no winners!

Just like any other crisis, the emergence of those benefiting from the issue continue to profit politically and economically, while rejuvenating the media market through the recruitment of political analysts, commentators and even columnists to cast opinion on the crisis.

Needless to say the main or actual reason behind the crisis is yet to be disclosed. Enough of the analysis and commentary — it’s obvious that no official statement has been made on the issue apart from the media fuss and allegations here and there, in addition to the reaction to this and that statement.

Sudden and surprising crises with obscure reasons usually have abrupt and surprise ending. This concept is based on many logical reasons, and most of all, the political wave of governments is unpredictable. This means that solution is possible, and it could be the main meal at the first reconciliatory meeting. However, the issue could hit the roof once again if it’s not radically remedied. In this regard, the sedative solution of 2014 meeting seems to have not been effective. That is why the crisis resurfaced again, in a more severe manner.

The most important element needed at this moment is to create better understanding between the governments involved, and the common people should distance themselves from the issue, as it has nothing to do with them.

I wish the efforts and strive of HH the Amir of Kuwait will be successful, the regional circumstances is difficult and the international situation is more difficult. Hence, there is need for a unified declaration and solidarity in quest of enhanced political concept and unity.


By Yousef Awadh Al-Azmi

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