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No constitutionality for politically frivolous MPs

Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

THE Constitutional Court’s decision to declare the unconstitutionality of Article 16 of the National Assembly internal regulations puts an end to parliamentary interference in other authorities and restored the borders which separate different authorities to their natural locations.

Moreover, the decision restored the power of the Constitution that was about to vanish due to the programmed violations committed in recent years.

The decision stressed the concept of equality between citizens according to Article 29 of the Constitution which states: “All people are equal in human dignity and in public rights and duties before the law, without distinction to race, origin, language or religion.”

The decision confirmed that the immunity given to the MP is not absolute. The Constitution states an MP is a public employee delegated by the people to do a specific job which should be performed in a specific institution. Thus, the immunity given to an MP is part of the immunity of that institution. How about those who attack it by night and then protects himself through immunity by day?

As a matter of fact, the decision of the Constitutional Court foiled an attempt to crash official institutions and governance in a bid to put a certain authority above other authorities.

Such are the attempts of those who rejected the decision, including the Islamic Constitutional Movement (ICM), and those who share their favors. These attempts are manifestations of their keenness to maintain chaos which continued for years and almost caused the end of the State. They tried to protect some people who committed unforgivable crimes from punishment.

They deserve cancellation of their membership to the Assembly such that the position will not to be used as a tool for committing crimes backed by parliamentary immunity.

Many verdicts were issued against citizens, ministers and undersecretaries for committing crimes that are less dangerous than the crime committed by the two MPs whose parliamentary membership was cancelled.

The MPs, who rejected the decision of the Constitutional Court, previously called for the implementation of verdicts. They took advantage of verdicts against citizens, ministers and undersecretaries to serve their own interests. They are currently working towards blocking the Constitution and laws. This means they use double standards — the most dangerous aspect of the issue, simply because they try to overstep and even control other authorities for their own good.

The law does not differentiate between a citizen and others. Those who put their interests above all authorities under the pretext that the Assembly is the master of its decisions are absolutely wrong if they do not follow the Constitution. The Assembly is really the master of its decisions but this is regulated by the Constitution, particularly Article Six. We urge the MPs, especially those who intend to overstep the Constitution, to read this article well.

What happened in recent months was disturbing for the citizens because they witnessed the organized devastation of their own institutions by those who are supposed to represent the people, protect State institutions and enforce the law.

The solution came with the decision of the Constitutional Court, making everybody realize that a just State is based on the rule of law above all.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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