‘Nip sectarian tendencies in the bud’

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Chief of Staff Lieutenant-General Khaled Saleh Al-Sabah told the US military magazine UNIPATH that the US Army and Central Command are determined to eliminate extremist organizations in the region.

This is a wonderful move , but “prevention is better than cure,” and that the pursuit of terrorism must be preceded by the elimination of its spawning spots inside, whether they are from this doctrinal party or those who oppose it, there is no difference.

On days like these every year, sectarian tension reaches its peak, and quarrels begin between parties, and each party is looking for popularity at the expense of the homeland and its security, and everyone wants to incite the authority on the other side, and threatens with woe and destruction, as if they own the state.

There is no doubt that moderate religious discourse has fallen on deaf ears, that is why moderate preachers, Sunnis and Shiites, did not succeed and others who adopted violent sectarian discourse, and made fortunes for themselves, and built palaces from behind their extremist positions succeeded and Iraq today is a good example.

Extremist religious discourse is the illegitimate result of the silence of the concerned parties, or perhaps their standing behind the overdose of religious materials and lessons in our lives through various media, so that the instigator has become a star, and the extremist is a hero, and the fabricator of stories and fatwas is a pioneer followed by  thousands who communicate with him just because he is hostile to the other party, and addresses the instincts of the ignorant of his followers.

A man of religion said in one of his lectures years ago that a well-known cleric told him, quoting Sheikh Ibn Baz, that he was leaving them and going to a pillar and standing there to hear the jinn’s questions and answer them. It happened that the well-known cleric heard the narration and he denied the quote and asked him to issue a denial, and he promised to do so .

The government’s silence, which extended for a long time to such saboteurs who enjoy and benefit financially and morally from inciting sectarian strife, incited an extremist to record a tape and broadcast it on social media, in which he demanded that the Interior Ministry security men, who are ‘Sunnis’ in particular, refuse to participate in guarding Husseiniyas, during Ashura ceremonies because it is a violation of Islamic law and that the Shiites must protect their own Husseiniyas, as if calling for the creation of sectarian militias.

This incitement constitutes a crime against state security, and an incitement to rebel against the ruler, and to undermine public order and civil peace, and the authority must bury sedition immediately.

I do not have to, but I would like to emphasize that I am writing this and I demand it from a logical standpoint, as I do not belong to anything other than the national team.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 19499 times!

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