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Thursday , August 18 2022

NASA and the thefts of Jinn

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Abu Bakr Gad Al-Rub of Al-Azhar declared his adherence to his previous views that the jinn can steal money, gold and food, and that they have their own world like us, and some of them are good, and others bad.

The clergy men in Kuwait focused on the subject in response to press questions about the extent of the jinn’s ability to steal, intermarry with humans, and other thorny dilemmas.

Ajil Al-Nashmi declared that whoever denies their existence is an infidel. His colleague Saad Al-Enezi also confirmed that the jinn sometimes harms a person and the world of the jinn is a different world from the world of humans, but they are similar in belonging and beliefs. Some of them are Muslims, others adopt other divine faiths, and some have no religion, and among them are the good believers, and others are corrupt and harmful, and this is called Satan because they cause harm to people.

Al-Enezi added that the person who is haunted or possessed by the Jinn should recite the Quran to avoid the devils’ harm. He rejected the idea of jinn begetting from humans, even though they enjoy each other.

As for Muhammad Dhawi Al-Osaimi, mentioned that among the jinn are the righteous and the immoral, the trustworthy and the traitor, and that they steal, as well as they are harmful and kill.

Jassem Bahman said he was able to imprison three jinn and confine the freedom of a fourth, and the latter possessed a Gulf woman, so he took him out of her and put it on his ring. As for the remaining three, one of them was in the Kabd region, and that he imprisoned him in a pottery vessel etc.

Some ask why we do not see the jinn, and why they do not perform good deeds, such as surgeries for example, but no one volunteered to answer the question. Success in getting Jinn out does not require proof but success in carrying out a surgical operation needs a thousand pieces of evidence.

As for the modern preacher and representative of the Muslim Brotherhood’s point of view, Tariq Suwaidan, he totally and completely denied, and from a legal point of view, the jinn possessing humans!

I don’t know who to believe, we are tired of all these. I feel incapable of responding to such matters. Have all our problems ended so that these matters have become the focus of our lives and the core of our problems, while we suffer under so much backwardness in every field that comes to mind?

Do we really enjoy luxury, so that newspapers and channels devote themselves to publishing such fatwas and interviews, so that everyone is preoccupied with them about the reality of what we are complaining about?

While one of them was preoccupied with removing a jinn from the woman’s body and imprisoning him in his ring, the American space agency NASA launched on Nov 11, 2021 a spacecraft to perform a real maneuver and collide with an asteroid, which is supposed to be heading to Earth which will cause a great havoc and prevent it by completely destroying it.

The experiment was considered the biggest test yet of the US space agency’s role in defending our planet from a real danger.

The spacecraft weighs 1200 pounds, and it collided with a small asteroid called Demorphos at a speed of more than 24,000 km per hour.

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By Ahmad alsarraf