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Mosques & disobedient children

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THE unreasonable numbers of places of worship, especially those recently constructed in the new housing areas show that we are a faithful nation to the core but if we look around a little more carefully we will find our appearance outside does not match with our inward appearance.

A report was published in Al-Qabas daily a few days ago related to a continuous old tragedy that represent a sad contradiction between all the manifestations of religiosity that we see and the various forms of ingratitude towards parents and the elderly that we see in the corridors of hospitals, which is represented by the phenomenon of forgotten elderly, foreigners and citizens who cost the state millions and their presence put an unjustified pressure on hospital beds and on the nursing staff, especially with the worsening health situation.

I talk especially of those who do not need treatment and should be discharged from the hospital but their families reject them with several arguments or rather excuses. They also reject the idea of transferring them to nursing homes because they think that this shows them as disobedient and the best solution for them is for their father or mother to stay in the hospital.

And since human regulations and matters do not allow them to be expelled especially since their numbers are in the hundreds, they will remain in their rooms and wards until their time comes, and this is neither humanity nor justice.

The injustice done to the elderly by the relatives caused neglect or they forget those who are in hospital and this is matched by the presence of increasing numbers of foreign patients who also do not need to be in the hospital, but neither their families (if any) nor the embassies of their countries want to receive them and deport them and most of them need a ‘medical transfer’ for their countries but several complications prevent them from being discharged – inability to settle hospital bills and may be because they are illegally staying in the country.

To solve the problem of citizens and residents, relieve the pressure on the medical and nursing staff, and provide rooms and beds for patients who need them most, it is necessary to work to transfer citizens to decent care homes for them, even if they are distinctive hotels instead of staying in hospitals in these circumstances, the cost of their presence in them is much higher than transferring them to any other place.

As for the deliberately forgotten children who suffer from physical disabilities, and whose parents refuse to accept them, they should be transferred to care homes for the disabled that are more appropriate to their circumstances instead of occupying hospital rooms that are in great demand.

The forgotten resident patients for whom the efforts of the “Human Friendship Society” and those with merciful hearts among the benefactors can contribute to their deportation to their homelands especially since no government agency is prepared to undertake this task.

For those wishing to cooperate with the Friendship Society to deport them, can contact us, or Mrs. Sahar Attia, Secretary of the Society phone No. 97354921.

email: [email protected]

By Ahmad alsarraf

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