Mohammed VI, voice of his people

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THE Moroccan King Mohammed VI has achieved a new milestone for his kingdom through the development of the political discourse in international relations by opening up more to Europe – the neighbor closest to Africa’s golden gate.

This was eminent from his speech marking the 68th anniversary of the Revolution of the King and the People, by opening the doors to a historical settlement that unclogs the Moroccan-Spanish relations due to Madrid’s misreading of regional developments in the past two years.

Therefore, Spain, like the rest of the European Union member states, highly appreciated this position with great applause, and considered it an initiative to restore matters to its natural courses and to work on a solid and ever-evolving partnership in all fields.

There is no doubt that Morocco and its king bear great responsibilities at the level of African-European relations. This matter can only be straightened through the clarity of the strategic position that governs these relations.

Hence, when European observers say that the Moroccan monarch’s emphasis on the issue of national and regional constants cannot be neutralized and that relations with Europe must be based on balance and construction, this means that the peer-to-peer policy is something that cannot be waived.

Morocco would not have reached this level of ability to recalibrate relations both regionally and internationally if it had not enjoyed security, political and economic stability, and active development that reaches about four percent annually and continues to develop in accordance with the new development model that aims to change the face of Morocco by 2035 in rendering it a regional power under the theme, “Freeing energies and restoring confidence to accelerate progress and achieve prosperity for all.”

An observer of royal speeches since 1999 until today is well aware of where Morocco is heading, something that King Mohammed VI took upon himself to develop in line with national capabilities and innovations.

Today it has become one of the most attractive destinations for foreign investments. Like many modern cities, it has modern infrastructure. All of this translates into human development especially when the illiteracy rate drops significantly, and unemployment continues to decline, despite the obstacles created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

All of this is the natural result of the perseverance of the Moroccan monarch who, every year in the Throne Day’s speech, presents the general guidelines and road map of the state. According to all Moroccan observers, they are more clear in expressing popular hopes than the government’s statement in every legislative session of the parliament.

Everyone feels that these speeches represent the voice of the people, conveyed by the King to all institutions. They guide them towards better performance in work because of the absolute belief that the Revolution of the King and the People 68 years ago still continues in a process of modernization at all levels.

This is what was confirmed by King Mohammed VI in his last speech when he said, “This revolution is more than just a historical event. It is an ongoing revolution that has inspired successive generations. It celebrates the same spirit of true patriotism and eagerness to defend the homeland, its institutions and sacred values”.

King Mohammed VI has interpreted his love for his country through his constant follow up on projects and the requirements of the people personally, making him a field king who does not depend on advisors and reports.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 18442 times!

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