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Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

TODAY, the Kingdom of Morocco is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the King’s ascension to the throne which has been full of numerous achievements at all levels, especially development. The people of Morocco have been the main focus in the 20 years of concerted efforts and laudable works done by King Mohammad VI to complete State modernization. This is based on his conviction that there is no growth without modern education, as well as advanced schools and universities.

This massive education project coincides with the introduction of major projects in various industries. This covers the automobile industry that constitutes an appreciable percentage of the GDP. It includes alternative power represented by the introduction of Noor Solar Power Complex in Moroccan ministries. It is one of the largest alternative power projects in the world, covering a space of 30 sq kms with a production capacity of 580 megawatts that will provide power to more than a million houses. The benefits of alternative power are not limited to the economy as it equally covers the environment.

This giant stride, which reduces the rate of reliance on exhaustive power, goes hand in hand with another project that is more viable economically – the Tanger Med Port. It is the largest seaport in Africa. This is in addition to upgrading other seaports to match the increasing trade exchange between Africa and the rest of the world through Morocco as the gateway.

In the past 20 years, Morocco witnessed massive infrastructural development – road network, bridges, rail line and metro. All this has contributed to development of the transport system in this big country. At the same time, King Mohammad VI issued an order to solve the problem of randomness that became the headache of the government as it hinders development in urban settlements by ensuring the people have suitable accommodation. This solved many social problems and reduced the crime rate.

All this has been in parallel with normalizing ties between Morocco and Africa, which is very essential for the country. Therefore, the King rejoined the Africa Union to play the usual vital role in this regard. The wise Moroccan policy has been fruitful, up to the extent that the world now supports its viewpoint on the Western Sahara issue – another major political achievement of King Mohammad VI.

The King considers ties with the Arab World a daily commitment as he embarks on a balanced policy of cooperation and solidarity with other Arabs on all the issues they are facing. He maintains excellent ties with the Arabian Gulf states, in addition to a strong position on the Iranian expansion case in the Arab World. He outrightly rejected this project and took the necessary procedures to shut the door in front of the hellish plan.

Today, the people of Morocco deserve to be proud of achievements in the past two decades under the wise and youthful leader. Throughout the past 20 years, King Mohammad VI has been making promises in his annual speeches to celebrate the ascension event. He fulfills these promises accordingly; thereby, enabling the Kingdom to witness such massive growth.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 15345 times!

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