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Mohammad VI … El-Hoceima inspires the determination

KING MOHAMMAD VI usually surprises all segments in Morocco with a position expressing the situation of his people while pushing officials to face challenges squarely in the service of the nation.

Whoever listened to the speech he delivered to commemorate the 19th anniversary of his ascension to the throne would have noticed the advance move in pushing the Moroccan government and parties towards further national responsibilities by joining the popular sectors to solve the biggest possible rate of problems which citizens face daily.

In the speech he delivered at El-Hoceima that previously witnessed public protests, he declared his alignment with the people to challenge the shortcomings of the concerned officials. He raised his voice saying, “Reaching achievements, correcting lapses and solving economic or social problems require collective work, planning and coordination among various institutions and workers, especially within the government circle and its parties.”

Embedded in this is the understanding of the real meaning of nationalism and consolidating it to achieve unity and solidarity. It entangles those who plan to toy with national unity; because Moroccans are free people who will never allow nihilistic and negative agitators, as well as promoters of fantasy, to exploit some lapses just in reaching the security and stability of Morocco.

In the speech, King Mohammad VI put the government in front of a bigger responsibility as he instructed officials to reduce bureaucracy in investment to the minimum level. He drew the line which should not be crossed in order to create more job opportunities for Moroccans. At the same time, he called for total restructuring of the educational system.

The Moroccan monarch went further by following up the speech with a Cabinet meeting at El-Hoceima where he issued directives to the concerned ministries to double their efforts in fixing lapses in their respective areas and to execute projects at the earliest.

With this, the practical monarch affirmed once again that he goes to the location of the problem to lay down foundations for fixing it. He blocks roads in front of whoever intends to cause impediments, while making social dialogue among syndicates, parties and the government a perpetual reality through his call: “The government and all concerned officials should ensure comprehensive and deep restructuring of national programs and policies in the area of social support and protection.” This is to establish a new era in the Moroccan social life based on the creation of productive job opportunities because it is the only guarantee for human dignity.

As usual in his speech and positions, King Mohammad VI was unequivocal with the doors in front of the government and influential Moroccan blocs by putting them face to face with the responsibility, where negligence is not tolerated. This was to prevent loopholes which could be of El-Hoceima magnitude; thereby, inspiring determination to look for alternatives to fully face corruption and impediments that affect living conditions.

This rational method of governance makes Morocco one of the most developed nations in Africa and an attractive destination for investment, because it builds the future without being overwhelmed by past illusions.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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