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Masculinity, impotence enigma

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The standards of human strength have changed since John Browning produced the Colt 110 years ago, the cowardly and the weak have changed and muscle power is not much of a point.

Paradox means a situation or phrase that carries some logic and contradiction. They contain contradictory, yet interrelated elements that exist simultaneously and continue over time.

According to the Crete paradox, which is attributed to a philosopher living on the island of Crete, he assumed everything that the philosophers of the island say is incorrect; Is the philosopher right or wrong in his conclusion?

If it is true, then it means that his words will be a lie; because he said that what all the island philosophers will say is a lie.

But if what he mentioned is a lie, then it means that he is truthful in his words. That is, the philosophers of Crete, and he is among them, lie in everything they say.

This brings us back to the first possibility, and thus we will enter into a loop hole that has no exit.

In logic, there are many paradoxes that are known to be invalid arguments, but which are nonetheless valuable in promoting critical thinking. An example of outside logic is the example of ‘The Theseus Ship’. If the ship needs continuous repairs over time by replacing all its wooden parts, one by one, will the ship remain the same ship?

 Paradoxes can also take the form of images or other media. In common usage, the word ‘paradox’ often refers to ironic or unexpected statements, such as ‘standing is more exhausting than walking’ or any statement or suggestion that appears absurd or contradictory, and which upon verification proves to be well founded.

One of the funny paradoxes that caught my attention is that we find in the animal and human world that the male, often, seeks to attract the attention of the opposite sex because of its advantages and merits. We see the peacock spreading its beautiful tail, the bird play with its wings with subtle movements, and another uses its voice to call out to its female, and the female beautifies to attract the male, and the male makes a great effort to improve its structure, strengthen its muscles and make sure to highlight them.

Muscles these days are not the muscles before the anabolic steroids. The old was often the result of strenuous physical exercise and an unusual lifestyle, but the new one, most muscles grow and come from taking steroids that help accelerate muscle growth.

The paradox is that these stimulants that help in muscle growth, and contribute to attracting the female, are the same that contribute to the atrophy of the man’s sexual organs, and the imbalance of the hormones in his body, and may subsequently cause impotence. Also, stopping taking steroids will lead to muscle atrophy and slackness.

One of the paradoxes of ‘ethics’ in Kuwait is that playing piano in the lobby of any hotels stops on Christmas and New Year’s Eve, to the detriment of Westerners. However, the hotels themselves allow a Westerner to share a room with his wife, but they do not allow a citizen to have the same right without presenting a marriage contract, even if he is a Kuwaiti ambassador, and on a short visit to the country with his wife.

This contradiction is caused by people of strange mentalities controlling a ministry which was run by one who prevented Jalal al-Din al-Roumi from entering the country.

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By Ahmad alsarraf