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Sunday , September 20 2020

Madam, choose the right path


Mrs Rana Al-Faris has succeeded Mrs Jenan Bushehri as Minister of Works. The latter, the first woman to assume the Ministry of Works and the bravest in her contemporary history has performed to the best of her ability.

We stood with Jenan, because she stood against every corrupt person and cut him down to his size, and was able to implement and fix what was not possible for those who preceded her.

Based on our belief in Kuwaiti women and their right to take up senior positions, we will also stand with Rana Al-Faris and support her with all our strength.

Madam, you have one of the two tracks: one to register your name in an honorable historical record or fall in the category of the unknown. The first track: In order to succeed and keep your position with the least possible headache is to keep on saying ‘Yes’ ‘It is done’ ‘it is possible’, and when you leave your house every morning on your way to the ministry or for a meeting of any of the two councils, leave behind your conscience similarly as one former imam kept his ten million dinars, he claimed he had found in the cupboard of his mother and ‘vanished’ completely from political life.

You have to satisfy the MPs and listen well to their requests, even if they are confl icting. Someone may ask you to help him get a tender for a company of his relative, and another may ask you not to award it except to his relative, so try to do the impossible in order to satisfy both parties … even if it is means swallowing a bitter pill. Do not rush to fill vacancies with someone you trust, and keep them vacant, no one will be hurt.

A deputy, colleague, or president may surprise you with a request to find a job for someone, thus positions are kept vacant for this purpose. Do not bother with rubbish slogans such as ‘the right person in the right place’, as this does not give either give bread or butter but will cause you great harm. The government apparatus is filled with thousands of incompetent people in the wrong positions, and the increase of the heads of the departments here and the manager there, and an assistant undersecretary between them. This will not be the end of the world especially since you will find this is the case with some, if not all, of your colleagues. Try to benefit from your position from what you can get.

What is available today or the moment may not be long after that, in other words carpe diem, seize the day and take the occasion of the moment before it passes. Try to convince yourself that the high ministerial position you are in has not been chosen by you, and therefore you are free from adhering to its ethics! Being convinced of this feeling will greatly facilitate the cases of remorse, when you hit the pillow at the end of a tiring day.

As for the second track, it is more difficult, but it is shorter, more fair and equitable, and it lies in a nutshell in completing the path your processor has begun. Madam, you have to continue fighting corruption, the political leadership, and His Highness, the Prime Minister will support your efforts. The position is not lasting, so do not lose your beautiful reputation or your respect for yourself.

Corruption forces are large and strong, but they are not immune to those who want to confront them, and this is what your predecessor “Jenan” had done so well. She was able to stop the corrupt companies and corrupt offices from working with the Ministry of Public Works and Housing, and this may have cost her the ministry, but she did not lose her battle, she broke the walls and broke into the dens of corruption, and you must now eliminate those inside. You have two tracks, and you can choose one of them, madam.

By Ahmad alsarraf
e-mail: habibi.enta1@gmail.com

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