Lord, don’t judge us with the actions of fools among us

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AUGUST 2, 1990 is a sad memory we have been living for the past 27 years. The incident has never been forgotten, while we will never forget how HH the late Amir Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad lost his smile for seven months. He did not smile until he stepped on the soil of Kuwait where he prostrated to praise Allah for the return.

We will not forget how he wept profusely while delivering the historical speech at the United Nations and his address had an impact on all loyalists of this world. We will equally not forget the comments of then US President George Bush (senior) when he received the Amir: “I was gripped by your address at the United Nations and it was what prompted us to hasten the military operations to rescue your country from the grip of Iraqi invaders … I was moved by the great patriotism of its content.”

Yes, we can never forget the insistence of HH the late Amir to return to the country, no matter the situation, regardless of the unusual security situation that followed the liberation directly. He said: “I want to go back to Kuwait even if I will live in a tent and die within the territory.”

At the same time, we can never forget HH the Father Amir Sheikh Sa’ad Al-Abdullah, may God forgive him, particularly how he was shuttling between various capitals to seek support for the Kuwaiti national cause. He exerted tremendous efforts to ensure that Kuwait returns to its citizens and this took a toll on his health for several years.

Yes, this is the memory shared by all Kuwaitis who sacrificed blood to cleanse the country from the filth of invasion.

Amid all these, we wish to tell the dirty tongues trying to put a dent on the image of those who stood behind us that we will never forget the position taken by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Syria, as well as other GCC countries. We can never forget how HH the late Amir of Bahrain Sheikh Essa Bin Salman, may God forgive him, suffered from heart attack immediately after hearing about the invasion of Kuwait. The same goes for the position of HH the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al-Nahyan, of blessed memory, who kept calling HH the late King Fahad Bin Abdulaziz, saying, “We will not let go of Kuwait”.

We remember all this because Kuwait and its people are used to being faithful. We respond to greetings of countries and leaders with a better greeting, starting with America and then France, Britain, Japan and reaching the Gulf and Arab countries. Our greeting reflects our deep-rooted customs. We will never forget the entry of 750,000 soldiers from 33 countries to carry out a mission to free our country. We cannot forget how they entered Kuwait victorious. It was enough for us to receive the sympathy and support of those soldiers. What if many of them sacrificed their blood for us to come back with our heads up?

At the time, the sky of Kuwait was full of smoke after Saddam’s forces set fire to about 700 oil wells. However, none of the honorable people hesitated in coming back to Kuwait despite the negative environmental consequences especially King Fahad Bin Abdulaziz who worked hard from the beginning in order to give it back to the owners. During the occupation, King Fahad said to HH the late Amir Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad, putting his hand on the latter’s neck, “Sooner, God willing I will have my lunch with you in Kuwait.” It was a compassionate gesture when King Fahad fulfilled his promise as he visited Kuwait and had lunch hosted by the Amir, paying no attention to the smoke.

After 27 years, we still remember then American President George Bush (senior) announcing the liberation of Kuwait in the Congress; praising then Kuwaiti Ambassador to Washington Sheikh Saud Nasser Al-Sabah, may God have mercy on him.

In Kuwait, we say this is a blessed country. Yes, God blessed this country with honorable and faithful people protecting it, sacrificing their best properties. This country is ruled by HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad who played a great role when he traveled around the world explaining the national issue of his country. The move of HH the Amir in 1990 had the greatest effect in forming international alliance over our issue.

Today, he is leading this ship. We pray that God continues to bless the ship under the shadow of the wise and first man in Kuwait, HH the Amir who is recognized by the entire world as wise and patient.

In order to stay blessed with these gifts, we pray that God will not judge us based on what the fools among us have done. Our God, You are Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful … God do not judge us due to the utterances of the unfaithful whose loyalty is for others, not for Kuwait; as they exchanged the better for worse.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times



This news has been read 6707 times!

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