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Long gone the wind of ‘rebellious ones’

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SINCE the start of the Arab autumn movement, renegades have been attempting to wreck the stability of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They advocate all kinds of lies which get disqualified by reality on a daily basis. Nonetheless, they continue with their wickedness unaware of the fact that the land they are trying to wreck was chosen by Almighty Allah as the land of peace and security.

What these people are doing begs to question: What do the renegades want from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia? Do they want it to be transformed into a wrecked land; similar to what the adventures of terrorists have done in Somalia, Libya, Iraq and Syria?

Perhaps, they want this land to be ruled by a blood-thirsty dictator like Jamal Abdul-Nasser or Stalin. Or they want to install a leader like the late Saddam Hussein with mass graves of innocent citizens.

It is important for these people to benefit from history and to see how Arab countries where royal leadership was toppled under the pretext of bringing about democracy, freedom, human rights theory and protection of public wealth went on to transform into countries that punish their people.

For instance in Egypt, where the streets of Cairo used to be washed with soup under the royal rule; and major countries like Britain used to borrow money from it. However, when Jamal Abdul-Nasser toppled the royal rule, he turned the country into a big jail. Instead of fulfilling promises to his people regarding the distribution of wealth, he impoverished the rich and the poor continued to be poor.

From 1958 up to this day, Iraq has been sinking in the pool of blood. Currently, its unity is at stake, or rather, it is under the threat of division. The same applies to Libya which almost became a mass grave after toppling the royal rule of King Al-Sinusi.

Libyans became impoverished except a low percentage of the population that benefited from the rule of the adventurous colonel. A similar case happened in Tunisia and Syria after deposing the royal rule, up to the extent that the nation slept in a coup and woke up in another coup.

In the 1970s, a group of extremists led by Oliver Cromwell worked on toppling the British monarchy to establish a republic rule.

The group, which hid behind the religious cloak, strived to achieve this goal through civil war; but the loyal Britons reinstalled the monarchy rule in less than three years and executed the leaders of the coup by hanging on London Bridge.

At the time, those who called themselves revolutionists took advantage of the economic crisis and promoted socio-economic class (caste) in a bid to gain the support of common persons; yet their main objective was to take over the reign. This is the same scenario adopted by the Muslim Brotherhood Group in Egypt. In fact, it is the dominant trait of such groups.

At first, its members try to control the State’s domains, especially the educational sector which enables them to raise a generation using their special curriculum. Then, the members infiltrate security establishments by claiming they are fighting against atheism and corruption.

Once the members feel they have reached the desired level of influence, they start to incite people against the ruler who is usually accused of apostasy. They allege corruption is rampant; hence, the need for change of rule to ensure fair distribution of the country’s wealth.

Furthermore, they propagate to the people that they are the only ones who can save the nation. Once they take over, they start executing anyone they suspect of being disloyal to them. This is exactly what Stalin did within three years. He executed a million Russians and expelled millions to Siberia just because he doubted their loyalty.

All these horrible events and heinous crimes were not committed by King Abdulaziz Al-Saud who managed to unite the kingdom with an area of 2.2 million square meters. This occurred when the kingdom was a matter of scattered states soaked in chaos and conflicts, overwhelmed by gangs which looted convoys of pilgrims.

King Abdulaziz managed to unite the first strong and firm Arab country. This prompted the fierce adversary of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to acknowledge in a rare stance: “This king established the first successful Arab unity.”

This simple person, who united the region, did not depend on bribing people or oppression and killing of his opponents. Actually, he established his State on the basis of understanding between social calibers.

He made stability of the kingdom as his first objective in the sense that it will be able to stand up amid political floods and wave of conspiracies; while retaining development and prosperity movement without any misgivings from his side.

Since 1932, the kingdom has spent more than two trillion riyals on the development of the Two Holy Mosques; and it has the highest rate of academics dispatched to foreign countries.

At the time the so-called revolutionist dictators were drowning their people in poverty and oppression, the Saudi monarchs were lifting the status of their people and cementing security and stability.

Is there anyone among the renegades who will present to the Saudis what Al-Saud has been giving for the past decades? Or will the land of the Two Holy Mosques transform into a battlefield and a place where executions happen on the basis of doubt like what transpired in some Arab countries?

If these people did not adorn themselves with courage to be ready for confrontation and instead hid behind the computer and telephone screens to incite others through their accounts on social communication platforms, will they have even a minuscule of nationalism towards their compatriots?

They have been proven to be operating outside the kingdom. All of these in return for owning an apartment in Turkey or accounts in Qatar’s banks or respond to the orders issued by Iran whose objectives are no longer a secret.

Aren’t these people the ones being used by known entities to carry out the plans which Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani spoke about with Muammar Gaddafi in 2010 concerning dismantling of the kingdom in pieces?

It was said a long time ago, “Whoever is in a blessing and did not show gratitude will exit from it without feeling it.” In order to avoid exiting from the blessings which Saudis and regional nationals in the Gulf Cooperation Council are enjoying, it is imperative to be grateful and content.

Almighty Allah says in Chapter Six verse 165 of the Holy Quran: “And it is He who has made you successors upon the Earth and has raised some of you above others in degrees [of rank] that He may test you through what He has given you. Indeed, your Lord is swift in penalty; but indeed, He is Forgiving and Merciful.”

Nonetheless, if the cause of anger for these people is what the protocols impose in terms of State leaders to live in palaces; this is the first objective of all of those who toppled their leaders under the pretext of bringing about better leadership and governance.

Stalin took over the Tsars’ palace and made it his house, considering it his personal property. The same was done by Abdul-Nasser in Egypt, Gaddafi in Libya. In fact, Saddam Hussein built palaces in every corner of Iraq while his people suffered from hunger.

Unfortunately, Arabs keep on failing to learn from the bitter experiences which they were pushed into by the destructive and divisive group that calls itself ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ and those who call themselves revolutionists; but in reality, they are ogling over personal gains which they achieve through killing and terrorism.

The one who is and has been taking up this group head-on by subverting their operations is the one who is striving to navigate this nation on an honest road.

The suspicious calls to cause chaos and wreckage in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states have not bothered the children of this region. Actually, it is another test which will separate wickedness from the good.

The ongoing challenges should be seen as a new occasion that reminds about the evilness of these groups and those orbiting around them. It is also an opportunity to fortify the immunity of these nations which believe that Almighty Allah is the one “Who feeds them against hunger and gives them security against fear.” (Quran 106:4)

It is Almighty Allah who made them in charge of establishing justice based on the strength of true faith, not dictatorship that was established on skulls of the innocent by tyrants such as Stalin, Saddam, Gaddafi and Abdul-Nasser.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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