Lebanon ties ‘subject-matter as required thereby’

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PERHAPS the Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdullah Bouhabib have forgotten that flatteries no longer have a place in the Gulf relations with Lebanon.

Therefore, if they view the visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Ahmed Al-Nasser as a Kuwaiti or Gulf concession, they are mistaken.

The measures taken can only be reversed after rebuilding trust, and not making Beirut a platform for attacking the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, especially the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

All Lebanese officials must realize that the policy of “disassociation” required by the Gulf system is in the interest of their country. Successive Beirut governments have adhered to it in their ministerial statements since 2017. To be frank, they unfortunately were not up to their pledges as a result of their submission to an Iranian power that controls its decision,

Consequently, its negligence in curbing Hassan Nasrallah and his “gang” was a reason for the start of harsh measures, especially after the persistence of this evil gang to attack the Gulf countries, the vulgar language with which Nasrallah addresses the brotherly countries, and the blatant terrorist acts of the so-called Hezbollah in Yemeni affairs, in addition to his constant endeavor to flood the Gulf countries with drugs.

There is no doubt that the visit of the Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Sheikh Ahmed Al-Nasser to Beirut stems from the Gulf’s concern for the Lebanese people, who gain nothing from the practices of Hezbollah.

This is a last rescue attempt.

Either the Lebanese will abide by the commitments they make, and gag the little devil that lurks in the basements of the southern suburbs of Beirut, or they will burn rescue boats behind them and submit to his threats. They will strip their country from its surroundings and turn it into an Iranian instrument of terrorism against the Arab countries, and then they will discover that political deviations, ostentatious statements, and cryptic pledges never work.

It is natural for this slanderer – small and arrogant Hassan Nasrallah – to be stubborn. He does not realize that he brought all this harm to his country because of his aggressiveness, and that he is not different from ISIS, which paradoxically only appears when Iran suffers a setback, as it is currently happening.

Is it a coincidence that there is harmony between whoops the owl of the southern suburbs and the terrorist operations of ISIS, or is the Iranian engine in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon the same?

I imagine that waiting for the Lebanese answer to the Kuwaiti-Gulf-Arab message that Sheikh Ahmed Al-Nasser carried to Beirut will be like a mirage, for the decision is not in the hands of the Lebanese government, but rather with that person who is obsessed with yelling, insults, killing and bloodshed by dragging his country into the furnace of destruction in the service of his Iranian masters.

Sheikh Ahmed Al-Nasser, in all the statements he made from Beirut, was frank when he said, “There is never any tendency to interfere in Lebanon’s affairs. The matter is only about implementing what was agreed upon in advance”.

Therefore, it is official that Lebanon is facing a major test today. Either it succeeds or it fails, and then, as Lebanese politicians repeat on occasion and without occasion, “subject-matter as required thereby”.

“Do I need to increase the volume?”

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 29498 times!

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