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WITHOUT any introductions, I will directly address His Highness the Prime Minister and his entire Cabinet. It is true that you managed to complete the first parliamentary term with the least number of achievements and with many flops, which fueled the public’s frustrations. Nonetheless, there is still a glimmer of hope in the possibility that you will turn the table and make up for your failures, or even deliver the least of achievements to the people during this parliamentary recess.

We are not exaggerating when we say that the parliament posed a great challenge, and that the MPs capitalized on the government’s procrastination and indifference. As you know, turning to negativity allows the opponent to win with the least effort. This was the case in the past months, but you now have all the time to implement some of the programs which fall under the government’s work, or at least get out of the cycle of draining the country.

Only the naive believe that the government does not have the ability to resolve many files and solve several problems caused by procrastination and indecisiveness. Therefore, if we gladly receive the news of the social security fund achieving a great profit, as well as the future generations fund, then there are more achievements that we continue to hope for. Such achievements should not be credited to the government, but to those in charge of these institutions.

Your Highness, we have said over and over again before about the failure in economic management that led to the largest contraction in the history of the country, with the continued decline in the credit rating, the failure to complete infrastructure projects, in addition to the continued restrictions on the private sector such that we have started seeing our own people migrating abroad with the faith that their projects would succeed.

We will not repeat the discussion on the housing crisis because successive governments, as well as the current one, are the ones who created and exacerbated it. We will not talk to you about the confusion resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic that revealed many flaws hidden perhaps by a dry mulberry leaf but had quickly fallen away at the beginning of the crisis.

You have a lot of time today – about three months – during which you must decide on all the projects that you have been blaming the parliament for not approving them. Here we remind you – When you intend to succeed in parliament, things tend to go smoothly. For instance, the “front-liners reward” session, which turned into electoral blackmail, or the “budgets” session can serve as enough clues for people who understand.

Indeed, diversification of income and weaning off oil as a major source of income require a plan of action and effort. However, since independence, no government has yet presented this plan, but rather merely chanted the same song. You are one of them, so you bear the responsibility for the negligence in this regard, and perhaps more because many opportunities were lost.

Did you eliminate the vegetable mafias in order to market the local agricultural production?

Or did you eliminate human trafficking, with reference to several international reports on the failure of Kuwait in this issue?

Did you deal with the collapsing health sector, and the education disaster?

Did you establish the labor cities that you talked about extensively and about their benefits?

Did you resort to abhorred racist decisions that increased the exit of workers to other countries that provide them with a minimum level of self-respect and humanity?

Your Highness, the wear and tear of everything has been exposed during the era of your government. For all of this, it is currently required to keep pace with the people’s pain and treat the sources of pain, so it supports those who deserve support.

The Kuwaitis did not ask you to put the moon in one hand and the sun in the other. They only asked you to perform your duty, which you were entrusted with by the people and the political leadership. If you are not up to the responsibility, leave before you get expelled.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 31775 times!

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