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Wednesday , October 27 2021

Kuwait’s O.J. Simpson

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

I HAVE stopped watching the Kuwait TV stations or “Jalaluddin Al-Roumi TV” for good. This is because it is clear that the mentality behind this national television station is based on the convictions of Minister of Information, Agriculture and Youth.

Since these TV stations fall under his ministerial leadership, the texture of the programs in them reflect his demeanor, replacing the principle of “everything is permissible in essence as long as there isn’t a rule that prohibits it” to “everything is prohibited in essence…”

The COVID-19 crisis has forced us to watch our local TV stations and witness the floundering information presented by our rational government. After that, we return to watching the TV programs that we pay for from our pockets, such as OSN and Netflix.

I follow my children’s choice of TV programs to watch because they are more aware of all the interesting serieses and films including American, French, Spanish, Turkish and German films and series which are translated into Arabic, of course.

I recently finished watching dozens of episodes of the “House Of Cards” series, which is about an unscrupulous American president, how he issues his decisions, and how the US Congress, the Senate, and the government interfere in those decisions in a detailed and exciting manner. From this, we learned things that would never cross our minds.

Then I watched another series called “Vikings”, which is based on the story of savage people living in northern Europe who invaded Europe starting with the British monarchies.

Later, my boys advised me to watch “The People vs. O. J. Simpson” as it contains exciting American legal aspects. This series captures true life events about a very famous American football player, who was fancied and loved by millions. He made millions of dollars from his career in American football sport, and is enjoying a luxurious life.

This American football superstar was allegedly accused of murdering his beautiful wife and her friend, but the police officers and the prosecution authorities were reluctant to arrest him due to his fame. They believed it would ignite a wave of anger from the Black Americans because of their impression that Simpson was being targeted due to his skin color.

However, O.J. Simpson ended up surrendering himself to the police, and spent time behind bars from where he hired five attorneys to defend him.

These attorneys intervened to ensure the judiciary team is unbiased. They demanded the exclusion of a white judge, allowing a judge of Chinese origin to preside over the case. They demanded the panel of jury to be inclusive of Black Americans in order to ensure unanimity in ruling.

Simpson was acquitted and released from prison because the decision of the jury and the judge came inconclusive due to doubts concerning whether the defendant committed the crime. That was enough to acquit the defendant because doubts favor the defendant.

I don’t know why I am associating the events that took place in 1994 concerning an American celebrity with the current events transpiring in the Kuwaiti society in terms of the accusations raised against a political celebrity and his first-degree relatives.

As it seems, the prosecution is reluctant to make decisions about these accusations and not the crimes, and the litigation authority will take the utmost caution in dealing with such cases … etc.

Nonetheless, whoever is accused in the case must not be afraid because the accused, in a fair trial, is innocent until proven guilty. So why not be certain and hand over that thorny file to the legal professionals to deal with it? The fate of the accused may end up being similar to the fate of O.J. Simpson who was acquitted from all charges because of questionable and insufficient evidence.

This is the core function of criminal attorneys, but what is most important is to stop the floods of accusations and rumors on social media.

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By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil

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