‘Kuwaiti ship sails with a badly torn sail and a lost oar’

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“IT IS very painful for every Kuwaiti to see the country retreating from leadership positions in various fields under the cover of darkness of chaos that denotes the absence of a clear vision for the state’s functioning, the work of its institutions have taken a back seat while the neighboring countries are active and moving forward at a brisk pace while Kuwait is mired in conflicts over political crumbs and refuses to deviate from the narrow personal individuals – the people who we have chosen and helped to become the Pharaohs, in a moment of intellectual emptiness,” columnist Sattam Al-Jarallah wrote for Al-Seyassah daily.

Sattam Al Jarallah

“The bitterness is that no one is looking at Kuwait as an umbrella that will protect him/her, his/her children, and the future generations during harsh weather, but they look at the country as a milking cow, even if its udder dries up, they do not and will not hesitate to suck the blood, which is what is happening now, in light of the flimsy disputes and the scenario is portrayed as if children fighting in the street.

“We celebrate with our Emirati brothers their successful probe of hope to Mars, which is undoubtedly an Arab achievement, not only Emirati.This is an incentive for every Arab and every Gulf Arab to strive for better.

“We unfortunately see Kuwait revolving in a vicious circle, whether with regard to resolving its political crisis or the struggle between parliamentarians and the government over goals that, if we study them, can be considered just daily routine procedures within the work of any government, and the basis for them is the law, which is the rule among all, especially the MPs whose duty is to ensure implementation, and to monitor the government performance, but unfortunately they have disrespected the law.

“At a time when the country is suffering from an economic and financial crisis that requires solidarity and work according to modern and legal visions, everyone in the two authorities is working to fabricate more problems, but the worst is the absence of an authentic government that does its work properly, a government which is not for the disposal of urgent matters, while the National Assembly is disabled, as if it was an Assembly for the inhabitants of Mars, where the Emirati brothers ‘are heading’ while we in Kuwait sail in a ship with badly torn sail and lost oar.”

This news has been read 135750 times!

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