Kuwait is not Taliban’s Afghanistan

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We were very pleased with the recent ruling issued by the High Court to reject the demand to ban the broadcasting of the famous American “Netflix” platform in Kuwait. We applaud the honorable judge who issued that distinguished ruling.

The case and the demand were shaky from the start. The one who demanded the ban on the broadcasting of that global platform had based his reasoning on the fact that it broadcasted an Arab movie that was a fake and distorted version of a foreign movie in the same platform about same-sex relations and swingers.

The fundamentalist mujtahid had to file this shaky lawsuit against the actors, director, and the storywriter in their home country, which is a brotherly Arab country, instruct the people there on the tolerant true Islam, support all opinions, and confront the social problems that exist in his society and try to solve them, although it is a matter rooted among human beings for hundreds of centuries. No society has been able to eradicate it and has left it to the Creator (Glory be to Him) to hold the one who violates His rules and commands accountable.

I am not saying this to encourage this unnatural phenomenon that is distorting for any society since the creation of this universe. However, I call for dealing with this matter rationally and with sound logic by highlighting that it is against the teachings of the Creator. It is inconsistent with the common sense highlighted by all religions and the principles of good morals.

I wrote about this shaky lawsuit against the “Netflix” media platform, which is famous all over the world, because it is not available for everyone to view except those who subscribe to it on a monthly basis.

If you do not want to watch its programs or if you do not want your family members to watch it, then do not subscribe to it. You are not forced to pay money from your pocket or watch the programs it broadcasts.

Once again, we thank our honorable judges for not supporting the ideas or actions of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

On the other hand, the fundamentalists  – the Muslim Brotherhood Group and the Salafists – and their paid trumpets who benefited from their bounties morally, materially, and electively, had protested in loud voices when I expressed my surprise that 200 Quran memorization centers in Kuwait are run by such people.

I personally knew the Quran before most of these people took their first breath and took their first sip of water.

During our early days, we were taught the Quran in school and during religious lessons, and in the mosques where we used to pray the morning and Friday prayers.

Some of these trumpets raised that topic from a doctrinal angle because this is what they are good at, since we have been plagued by them.

We did not know that one of the well-known Islamic sects has a holy book other than the Quran.

Many of these centers were established to recruit young people and collect money.

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By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil

This news has been read 44132 times!

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