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Thursday , December 1 2022

Kuwait different, but for the worst

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ONE of the wise government’s geniuses — a senior official at the General Secretariat for Planning that turned into the authority of confusion recently — said with enviable courage: “Kuwait is different !”

We say to him: You are right.  Kuwait is really different.  When it failed to stay in front, it became different, as it is now at the back of ranks in many aspects!  Education, culture, arts, literature, integrity, infrastructure, government administration with its majority, and even the Parliament, have become among the most shameful things.

This Parliament — for which we dragged our legs on Dec 5, 2020 to elect those who represent us in legislation and oversight — became a shameful thing for us.  It joined the rest of the failure bodies and institutions which we see wherever we turn our faces.

The Parliament has had no achievement for six months now, which is unprecedented in the whole world; even if Robespierre or Jean-Jacques Rousseau — the spiritual fathers of old and current parliaments — came out.

Parliamentary representation after the demise of the absolute monarchy with the outbreak of the French Revolution came to absolve you of what you are doing in your Parliament … This is just the tip of the iceberg of what we are experiencing these days with our general conditions in the executive and legislative authorities.

Nevertheless, the one who deserves to win the title of the ‘greatest creator’ that we failed to achieve months ago is our Minister of Health — the young Sheikh, considering his decisions.  He puts more pressure on the citizens and expatriates — whether quarantine or something else.  It is difficult to travel. It is difficult to interact ‘selectively and hatefully’ with other people… We see infections and deaths increasing day after day despite all his decisions that are stamped by members of the rational government, for which God has not sent down any other authority!

He did not vaccinate the domestic workers who are in our houses and whom we interact with daily more than the infant interacts with the mother. A brother means his brothers, and a friend means his friends!

An Asian worker in my house moved to God’s mercy due to the complications of the corona epidemic and the lack of vaccination. She left behind several hungry mouths in her home country. They need every penny she was earning with her sweat here to support them.

The minister’s latest ‘useless and worthless‘ decision is to prevent people who have not been vaccinated against corona from entering restaurants, cafés, major complexes, salons and health clubs although the turn of thousands who registered for vaccination has yet to come. They adhered to government decisions just to be ‘rewarded’ with such punishment.

The young Sheikh did not tell us how to feed those who serve in restaurants, cafés, complexes, salons and health clubs — the expatriates; yet he forbids the entry of those who have not been vaccinated to these places!

A few days ago, New York and Texas celebrated the end of the curfew and wearing masks. Britain and France announced the same. Conditions have returned to almost normal among our brothers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and others; except Kuwait … because Kuwait, as one of our planning geniuses said, is different … but such difference is for the worst in our point of view!


By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil

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