King Mohammed VI … my family’s health is also health of my people

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Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

THROUGHOUT the past 21 years, King Mohammed VI has been working on a plan for the modernization of his country. It is based on a simple formula – “Teach how to fish instead of giving out fish every day”.

Due to this, the Kingdom of Morocco has been witnessing great developments in the past two decades, which changed much of what was common, such that its movement began keeping pace with the requirements of the times, which mainly is the development of human resources.

On this basis, the speech of the Moroccan monarch during the 21st anniversary of his accession to the throne focused on completing the course of duty in the building of the nation.

Even during the global COVID-19 pandemic that affected Morocco, the construction process did not stop. In fact, the focus has been mainly on addressing the negative impacts, and at the same time utilizing the pandemic situation to develop capabilities for confronting challenges in the health, economic, services and social fields.

Also, the country worked on filling the gaps that emerged in the past months, and focused on transforming the threat into an opportunity, and seeking immediate remedies for the negative impacts through a special fund to cushion the economic and social repercussions.

Despite this major crisis, work was not only limited to confronting it, but there was an immediate endeavor from the royal palace to address its long-term repercussions from a futuristic perspective, drawing lessons and working on building a more robust system.

Since this crisis has confirmed the solidity of the social ties and the spirit of solidarity among the Moroccans, the most important aspect is dealing with all members of the nation equally. In this regard, King Mohammed VI affirmed by saying, “The care I give about the health of the citizens and the safety of their families is the same care I give my children and my small family.”

There is no doubt that this statement expresses the distinctive relationship between the people and their leadership. It presents a typical picture of the cooperation in dealing with major crises. The pandemic does not differentiate between big and small or rich and poor; mutual support is the basis for combating it.

In his speech, King Mohammed VI drew the general lines for Morocco’s future, placing everyone before their national responsibility. This is due to the fact that a successful state is the one that operates in harmony and without strife. This was felt by all in terms of the harmonious cooperation between all sectors that proved the effectiveness of the strategy adopted by the young king to navigate a country, which today has become more effective than others in its surroundings, whether on Arab or African spectrum. This would not have been possible if King Mohammed VI had not worked in the field and followed up on everything big and small in his country.

There is no doubt that the observers of the situation in Morocco know very well that the Kingdom after the COVID-19 pandemic is becoming stronger than before. This is because there is a developmental vision based on a royal resolve that does not accept bargaining over rights and duties. Also, there are people who know well how to translate those visions into an integrated system in the process of nation building.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 29083 times!

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