Khamenei will swallow cup of poison by Iranian hands

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IF Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani threatens to stop oil exports in the region if his country is prevented from exporting its oil, he is just being arrogant and evasive about reality.

Capitals of the world sequentially announced halting cooperation with Tehran by not buying its goods or raw materials. Therefore, no one is preventing Iran from exporting its oil and there will be no warship blocking Iranian tankers.

Rouhani’s statement does not differ in concept and form from that of Iranian Civil Defense Organization Head Brigadier General Gholam Reza Jalali, who claimed that the drought in Iran is caused by Israel’s stealing of clouds and snow from its skies.

Incidentally, it was the same claim made by former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in 2011; but at the time, he accused the European continent, not the ‘little devil’ as Iranian leaders describe Israel.

There is no interpretation of such bickering and claims apart from the fact that if a clique of crazy people rule a great country with civilization weight as Iran, the world will definitely quarantine it. This is due to the irrational political behavior which stands on terrorism and spreading extremism, as well as imposing inadmissible opinion on everything being divine; for instance, regarding the nuclear deal as divine victory.

Iran should realize that the world is becoming smaller for the Mullahs especially if India and a group of other countries will stop importing oil from Iran, in addition to the announcement of 50 major foreign companies that they will withdraw their businesses from Iran within two months.

Therefore, these questions must be raised: Will Iran react to such boycott by bombarding countries, which refuse to deal with it, with ballistic missiles; similar to what it is currently doing to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through its tool — the Houthi Abraha? Or will it decide to invade these capitals with its militias, similar to what the gang of Lebanese Abu Rughal did in May 2008?

A regime living in Middle Age caves and ruled by crazy hallucinating people is unacceptable in the 21st century — the era of cooperation, openness and relations based on respect for the good neighborhood principle; not the era of terrorism, destabilizing national security and striving for imperial expansion based on the situation in Persia before the birth of Christ (PBUH).

It is clear that no one wants to deal with this regime. Sanctions imposed on it are just preventive steps to stop its disease from spreading throughout the world.

The Iranians who were the first to support the Khomeini revolution, believing it is based on the principles of Islam, are the ones currently revolting against Khomeini dictatorship and his regime.

This came after living in a huge jail in the past four decades and pulling them away from their livelihood for the regime to spend on destructive schemes in the region.

This means the nation is not implementing the principle of punishment according to the type of crime committed. In this case, the crime is that of the regime causing the miserable conditions the Iranians have been enduring.

Thus, the sarcastic statements of Rouhani and others are pointless considering the regime is swallowing a cup of bitterness.

In fact, the regime will repeat the same phrase uttered by its founder when he agreed to end the eight-year war with Iraq in 1988: “I am swallowing a cup of poison;” but this time, the poison is being administered by the hands of Iranians.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 14028 times!

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