Judges must only be men?

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One of the most beautiful manifestations of democracy is the supremacy of the judiciary in the state. Without democracy, there is no constitution, and without it, there are no state institutions, no judiciary that can be relied upon, no clear penal code, and no equality in litigation!

But the delay in issuing verdicts is equally harmful to not issuing them, and perhaps even tampering with them. From time to time, His Highness the Prime Minister makes visits to some government agencies, and the last of these visits was to the Jahra Hospital.

What we urgently need is a visit by His Highness, with his entire Cabinet members, to the judicial facility, to make an effort and extend a hand of cooperation to the judicial authority, our last resort, to overcome all obstacles facing it, as the judicial situation has almost spiraled out of control.

I feel and know, like others interested in public affairs, the great responsibility placed on the shoulders of the President and members of the Supreme Judicial Council, and the almost mythical size of the cases heard by the courts, especially the Court of Cassation.

This is a worrying matter, as a short while ago I received notices from the Justice Department stating that some cases involving me will be heard by the court of first instance after two years! This means that I will most likely not survive to see the issuance of final rulings in these cases, especially when there are more than 70,000 appeals before the Courts of Cassation to decide on them, and no judge’s conscience allows them to issue rulings in them quickly and hastily.

The suffering of citizens and residents with the issue of delayed issuance of rulings has already become a worrying concern, and requires the three state authorities to come together to develop appropriate solutions to resolve this dilemma. This often prompted MP Jenan Bushehri to submit a request for the return of the Legislative Committee in the National Assembly to discuss this issue.

It was funny, and even disgraceful, to read the proposal put forward by a number of MPs, asking that judges be men only, forgetting all the state’s problems that have accumulated over the years, and all the difficulties that the judiciary complains about, from the accumulation of appeals, the loss of files, and the delay in implementing the law, rulings, the severe shortage of secretaries, the printing of rulings, the loss of files, and many others.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 1151 times!

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