Jolie … right way of understanding Islam

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Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli Former Minister of Oil
Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli Former Minister of Oil

WHO among us does not know the famous Hollywood star Angelina Jolie, who has played the lead role in dozens of emotional, social and action movies?

She has played her roles exceptionally well like no one before her and got married to a ‘boy’, the spoiled Hollywood star (Brad Pitt). She has adopted five children from different sects, race and origin.

Her infinite courage and as a symbol of Hollywood feminine beauty knows no bounds considering the removal of her breast and womb after discovering they were susceptible to malignant cancer, the malady which claimed the life of her mother.

What concerns us here is the human face of this wonderful human being who has left behind the luster and charm of Hollywood and embraced the ‘destitute’ living in camps in Syria, Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon made refugees by the senseless civil war in Damascus.

We did not see her staying in 5-star luxury hotels either in Jordan, Syria, Turkey or Lebanon but shared the roof with the refugees — victims of the foolhardy and unjustifiable Arab-Islamic wars.

Angelina Jolie recounted the story of a Christian family which arrived at a DAESH checkpoint. One of the henchmen with long chin and shrinking mind asked the head of the family. ‘Are you Muslim’ and the man said ‘Yes’. “If you are a Muslim, recite a verse from the Holy Quran”, came the reply from the henchman.

The head of the family at this point read a verse from the Holy Bible since he had never memorized anything from the Holy Quran. Surprisingly the man allowed him to pass.

The wife of the Christian man who was trembling with fear because she and her children risked being harassed or killed, which is the hallmark of DAESH members, asked the husband: Why did you lie to them? How dare you claim that what you read from the Bible was from the Quran?

The husband responded: If they understood the Holy Quran they wouldn’t kill people and discriminate between Muslims, Christians and others. Jolie concluded the story by saying, ‘DAESH is not Islam, because terrorism does not have a religion’.

The statement made by Jolie has the essence of truth because Islam is about compassion and mutual affection. The first words in all chapters of Holy Quran link the Creator with His name ‘the Compassionate the Merciful’.

How then a creature that has the knowledge of Holy Quran treats another human with cruelty, commits arbitrary murders and is knee-deep in corruption. Such behavior is contrary to the teachings of this sublime religion.

Well done, Angelina Jolie, your words and story has put at rest the problems of many who are Muslims by name without being real.

Your right understanding of Islam has outdone many bearded people who wear short dishdashas and whose minds are empty. Thank you for your humanity and we pray to Almighty Allah to increase and multiply your type of people.

By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil

This news has been read 9606 times!

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