Jerusalem … from Hitler to Trump, between them, women’s fashion and guns

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HAS Jerusalem become Israel’s capital for eternity after the recognition of the United States of America’s President Donald Trump and the US decision to relocate its embassy there?

The answer can be borrowed from history — what Adolf Hitler did in 1940 when his troops took over Paris. At the time, he visited Napoleon Bonaparte’s tomb and bowed in full respect saying, “Dear Napoleon, forgive me for defeating your country, but you need to know that your people were busy measuring women’s dresses; whereas my people were busy measuring the length of cannons and gun barrels.”

The Nazi leader’s statement has been applicable to the Arab and Islamic world since 1948. It firmly rooted itself in 1956, during the tripartite aggression on Egypt when Zionists were convinced that the US is the only superpower in the world.

During that time, the Soviet Union threats were not enough to stop the aggression; let alone the statement issued by the then US President Dwight D. Eisenhower which would have warranted immediate ceasing of military operation and withdrawal of tripartite forces from the battlefield.

In contrast, Arab coup plotters rode on the Palestinian issue to spread revolutionary slogans, statements and speeches. The revolution of Abdul-Nasser in 1952 was based on the liberation of Palestine and throwing Judaism into the sea. The same happened in Iraq, Syria, Libya and other countries where revolution was a fraud.

The coup plotters used the issue as justification to depose regimes as “agents’ capital.” They used the justification to repress their people and freed thieves to steal resources of their countries, while Israel continued to expand within the occupied territories in 1948 or the one invaded in 1967. Instead of liberating Palestine, they accepted reverting to the fifth border in June 1967.

Arabs and Muslims, who are pleased with gradual compromise over Palestine, issued massive statements to condemn and denounce the recent US decision forgetting that Israel is their original enemy. If Palestine has enough strength to face the challenge, the US decision would not have been a natural occurrence due to Jewish influence on the United States.

This is done through the IPAC organization which is influential in presidential elections such that the manifestoes of candidates include affirmation on alliance with Tel Aviv and increase of aids. The Congress even enacted a bill in 1995 to recognize Al-Quds (Jerusalem) as capital of the occupied State and approved relocation of the US Embassy there.

All these happened due to fear of Jewish influence in America, because they are capable of removing presidents as in the case of Richard Nixon or assassinate them like what happened to John Kennedy. However, Muslims did not try to lobby for themselves in Washington.

In the last seven decades, American presidents did their best to obtain Israeli cordiality by all means against the Arab and Islamic worlds. They prioritized the security of Israel over any other favor. Former American president Barack Obama adopted the full Zionist project called ‘Creative Chaos’ and its fruits were manifested in the so-called Arab Spring, in addition to his insistence to settle the nuclear treaty backed by Israel.

This helped Tehran in extending its terrorist activities practiced in Arab countries. Tel Aviv considers such conditions part of the successful strategy that pours in Israeli favor, following the rule: “Let terracotta break terracotta.” This means that while Muslims are fighting each other, preparations are ongoing towards the declaration of the Jewish State and Israel is enjoying peace and safety.

The Palestinian issue has two turning points that had great impact on conferences, statements and negotiations. First was the ‘Intifada’ uprising which started in 1987 and forced the Israelis to sign the Oslo Peace Treaty as well as the declaration of the Palestinian National Authority. Second was the Aqsa Intifada in 2000 that forced Israel to cancel procedures concerning Al-Aqsa Mosque. Any other action had no influence at all.

In 1948, the late King Abdulaziz (may Allah be merciful to him) realized that real support for Palestinians was to supply them with all equipment needed in their fight with the Jews without the intervention of Arab armies. This is because the Jews have no State and their wars against the Arabs are based on guerrilla ways, so similar methods and similar weapons must be adopted in the confrontation. He realized that the military issue in Palestine must be handled only by Palestinians in order to not give a chance for foreign intervention in favor of the Jews.

Later, after the year 1948, it was proven that the vision of King Abdulaziz was right. This was after he was accused of betrayal and causing deterioration for expressing his point of view.

Today, after the United States’ recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, what has changed? Nothing. The whole world has rejected this decision. European countries have also refused to relocate their embassies, insisting there is no way to solve the conflict unless through the two States.

Yes, what the US president has done is against all international decisions and resolutions, but at the same time this should not make us forget that our first and last enemy is Israel; or else, the issue only becomes the US decision to relocate its embassy. Perhaps, another US president will come and revoke the decision. This is what the Arab and Muslim leaderships pointed out in their statements and positions which were wise, prudent and in the best interest of Palestinians.

However, the position of Hamas was so rash and impetuous. They threatened to strike US interests, a move similar to abandoning their position towards the occupiers of Palestine.

Finally, we have to be realistic and aware that Israel’s power and influence within the ranks of the United States are results of the failure of Arabs and Muslims to deal with the US. At a time the Arabs and Muslims are busy insulting America and burning its flags, Israel works calmly to bolster Zionist lobby in the United States and elsewhere. It is expanding its forces to the extent that we see the slogan, “Throw the Jews into the sea,” being applicable to Arabs. With this scenario, I do not rule out the possibility that the boat of those running away from the hell of Arab wars to Europe is just the beginning.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 8256 times!

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