Jerusalem, Golan … no Arab to say ‘I was eaten the moment the white bull was eaten’

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Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

IN one of the folktales, there was once a lion that came across three bulls – a red bull, a white bull and a black bull. The lion tried to attack them but because they were strong together, he decided to bide his time. He befriended the bulls and told them he was protecting them.

One day he called the Red Bull and the Black Bull and said, “My friends I am really concerned for you. The White Bull represents a threat to you, he stands out with his complexion and he is going to make you a target for other predators and hunters. The lives of both of you are at risk, let me eliminate him.”

The Red Bull and Black Bull agreed, after all the lion was their sincere friend and King of the Jungle. The lion attacked the white bull. Because no one came to help him, he was defeated. The lion ate him.

A few weeks went by and the lion called the Black Bull over and uttered the same speech. “The Red Bull presents a threat to you by attracting attention, let me eliminate him and you will be safe.”

The Black Bull agreed and the lion eliminated the presumed threat posed by the Red Bull.

A few days later, the lion confronted the Black Bull and said: “Now, it is your turn.” … The Black Bull finally realized his mistake and said, “I was killed the moment the White Bull was killed.”

This folktale applies to the current Arab situation, especially its relations with the United States of America whose President, Donald Trump, declared recognition of Israeli sovereignty on the occupied Syrian Golan Heights.

This declaration follows the decision of the US to relocate its embassy to Jerusalem – a clear violation of every international resolution and agreement. It is a challenge to the Arab position against any change in the status of Jerusalem – the future capital of the State of Palestine.

Neither Trump nor the Israeli government would have the audacity to take such a measure if Syria did not fall into the civil war trap. The trap was set for Syria and other Arab countries with the theme, “Arab Spring,” which proved from its early stages to be the door of toxic wind.

This wind is aimed at the Arab world using local tools in every country as a preliminary step to execute the second phase of Israel’s declaration of a Jewish State, settling the Palestinian case in accordance with Israel’s vision, and obliterating the rights of Arabs. Far from malicious Arab stances which destroyed instead of building, divided instead of uniting, Syria was a self-sufficient country.

Syria did not enter the debt club. Its economy and security were stable. It moved towards the path of reforms in accordance with its capability. Perhaps, it was delayed; but at the end of the road, it catered for the political needs of its people.

The same applies to Tunisia, Libya, Iraq and Yemen. Although these countries were not self-sufficient, they worked on self-development using what is available within.

Iraq came from American war, occupation and control of sectarian militias. There was hope for the country to exit from the savage jaws of Iran through the political process based on Arab conviction and care for all calibers of people.

Nonetheless, the Arab interference to push Iraq into the furnace of civil war as part of what was known as the ‘Arab Spring’ put it back to the compound of Iran-US joint occupation.

Despite the vagaries of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi in Libya, the country was stable. It also entered a series of chaos through the Muslim Brotherhood, resulting in an open war up to the extent that observers envied Somalia during its chaotic days.

Also, the evil Iran found the way to Yemen by magnifying the size of the Houthi group and pushing the country into civil war, which it avoided for awhile through the Gulf initiative. However, the country fell into the tunnel of war because of the greed of the General People’s Congress for power such that it ignored the populist demand.

Iran utilized this war in an attempt to weaken the southern frontier of the Arabian Peninsula. This is parallel to its continuous attempt to destabilize Bahrain in a bid to infiltrate Saudi Arabia and then control the entire Gulf countries.

The same almost happened in Egypt, which avoided falling into civil war through the vigilance of its people and its army that sided with the people. This was a failure in an important part of the Israeli scheme.

In Lebanon, everyone knows that the solution is to disarm Hezbollah to prevent Israel from destroying it once again.

The Arabs did not realize this scheme. Although they presented peace initiatives to Israel, the latter discarded these initiatives and the bet continued on the lion (US) eating our countries one after the other, using local tools which are sometimes called ‘al-Qaeda,’ at other times ‘DAESH’ or Hezbollah and other sectarian tools.

Despite all this, the Arabs did nothing but condemn. They did not take any decisive step regarding the issue.

Therefore, if the US recognizes the sovereignty of Israel over Golan Heights, Trump is practically telling the Arabs that your turn will come.

This will be through resettlement of Palestinians in Arab countries – a preliminary step towards settling the Palestinian case for good. If this happens, there will be no Arab to say: “I was eaten the moment the white bull was eaten.”

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 24078 times!

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