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Thursday , August 11 2022

It is better for His Highness the PM to let it go

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IT seems neither the invasion had any effect on the people of this country nor the liberation represented a historical turning point. Even after thirty years, we have not taken a single step forward. Instead, it appears as if we are in the tower of Babel and speaking several languages.

What is required is that everyone understands and is decisive, something that the successive governments have not worked on from that time until today. Instead of seven years, we lived three lean decades. This is evidence of the absence of a reformist vision, especially in the last ten years during which we have witnessed many unfortunate and even painful events.

It is our right as Kuwaitis to express our grief over the state of affairs, especially in light of the accusations leveled against the Prime Minister and ministers. In some of them, harsh words were issued for rampant corruption to the point of undermining the state, aborting laws, and losing prestige.

Frankly, were it not for the money that comes from oil, and the affluence that reached its end in light of the accumulated financial deficit, the situation might have been much worse than any failed Arab state.

Indeed, this is the truth that must be acknowledged, lest this country be ruined by our own will because we relied on corruption to the point of considering it as one of the local norms. Not all of the world is corrupt, and not all officials in other countries take pride in plundering the resources of their countries … However, we have not yet initiated any real reform.

This realistic description of the country’s situation is the mouthpiece of all citizens whose demands are now limited to simple matters, such as a good choice of a prime minister, with our appreciation and love for the current Prime Minister.

However, what is required is an active man, a decision-maker, someone who knows how to deal with the financial and economic situation, someone who can relieve the tension in the constantly stifled relationship between the parliament and the ministers, and someone who can manage public affairs with aptitude and skill.

What the Kuwaitis are asking for is a prime minister who puts the relationship between the two authorities in its correct constitutional framework, so that the games witnessed during the past sessions are not repeated, especially the ministers’ vote on the budget in a historical precedent that revealed the government’s weakness in the face of a parliamentary bloc that imposed its conditions from the beginning to the end not only on the ministers and their heads, but on all Kuwaitis.

There is no doubt that such a government can neither ensure reform nor implement the principle of separation of powers with its cooperation, which is what made citizens “wash their hands” from the government.

There is a desire among a large segment of Kuwaitis to have new legislative and executive authorities that are completely different from what we have had in the past.

There are those who quote the current Prime Minister’s unwillingness to continue. Whatever the truth of this matter is, it is better for him to let it go, and ask not to return to his position so that things do not return to its previous nature of procrastination and cause more economic, financial, and political losses of course which negatively affects the image of the country as a whole.

Today, on the eve of the consultations to form a new government, the ambition of the popular majority is for a prime minister and ministers other than the current team which has caused an increase in the regression at all levels as a result of leaving matters to incompetent people.

This is the least that can be done if what is required is to get out of the current impasse. Three-quarters of the reason behind this impasse can be attributed to the catastrophic failure of the administration, which cannot be tolerated.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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