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Islam of tolerance

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

IN what is known as “The Conquest of Makkah”, our honorable Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) uttered words of gold when his former persecutors asked him what he will do to them.

The first ten years of his prophethood witnessed humiliation and persecution perpetrated by a segment of people of Makkah who denied his message and went on to make life miserable for anyone who followed our noble Prophet (PBUH). It reached such an extent that he had to leave his homeland, and he returned 11 years later, which is a total of 21 years of preaching and attempts to guide his people to the true religion Islam.

The Prophet (PBUH) asked them what they thought he would do to them as punishment, and they answered, “You are a generous brother and a generous nephew”. Here is when the Prophet (PBUH) – a victor and in a position of seeking revenge, uttered his eternal words, “Go … you are free.”

The honorable Prophet of Almighty Allah pardoned those who offended him because of his high moral standard and his core understanding of the essence of the religion that he is advocating, which is Islam – the religion of tolerance, purity and supreme moral values.

This unforgettable historical event came to my mind after hearing the news about a Muslim who slit the throat of a French history teacher and published the entire horrific scene on social media platforms.

The reason behind this horrific and barbaric action is that the teacher displayed in one of his classes the images or rather drawings depicting our noble Prophet (PBUH).

This ISIS-style criminal act has caused upheaval in the French society, let alone the fact that such actions contradict the core spirit of Islam, which is tolerance that overlooks the bad regardless.

It is an indisputable fact that the messenger of Almighty Allah Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is above and beyond the nonsense of those offending him. There is no doubt that if he was alive, he wouldn’t have been shaken by such offences.

It is enough that he forgave and pardoned his persecutors in Makkah who emotionally and even physically tormented him for more than 20 years, tarnished his dignity and reputation, and forced him to emigrate from his homeland, as narrated in the history of this unique historic personality.

The present-day France has hundreds of thousands of Muslim nationals who are living in freedom and performing the rituals of their honorable religion without interference from the authorities or the people.

The entire country was agitated due to this vicious and hideous incident, which resulted in restrictions imposed on thousands of French Muslims and foreigners in this country of justice, freedom and equality.

These are the slogans of the French Revolution that were broadcasted to all parts of the world, and put an end to the dictatorship, which prevailed for centuries in dozens of countries in the world.

In the end, the French security authorities killed the Chechen ISIS member, arrested dozens of Muslims who were fascinated by his bloodthirstiness, and closed a number of mosques.

Does this please the Almighty Allah who would have punished the French teacher on the Day of Judgment for what his sinful hands committed against the personality of the greatest messenger?

All this happened because many of us Muslims have moved away from the true and pure spirit and values of Islam, which is represented in contrast to what the best of mankind said to the unbelievers of Makkah, “Go, you are free.”

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By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil

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