Iran’s chirps in Iraq … Lebanon

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Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

MILITIAS, mafias, gangs … call them as you wish! All these traits apply to the de facto authorities in Beirut and Baghdad where the state has been plunged into a swamp of quota system and divided into disproportionate sizes of mafias who are trying to hide their reality by wearing elegant suits and ties but far from being statepersons in reality.

Indeed, their appearance will not change their reality, given that a killer remains a killer no matter how he tries to clean his hands from blood. Therefore, what is happening in these two capitals is nothing more than the domination of the corrupt on the livelihood of the nation and defrauding people either by sweet words and unfulfilled promises or through repression, killing and imprisonment. All of this is taking place in the name of democracy, which is separated by light years from the political reality of those countries.

The funny aspect of democracy is the comedy scene in which the government won confidence of the Lebanese Parliament Wednesday despite the fact that the session that witnessed the vote of confidence was unconstitutional, according to several experts and MPs – not just because the people withdrew their confidence from the Parliament but it lacked the simplest ingredient of credibility.

Also, the Parliament is full of false witnesses wearing ‘revolutionist coats’ in order to ride on the uprising wave but they ended up dropping their masks during the session, which their fraudulent and failed personality got exposed.

This is sad and funny drama in a way is no different from what is transpiring in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, where the government resigned, leaving the country to plunge into a vacuum after it failed to meet the simplest demands of Iraqis, all because the thieves looted the country’s wealth and emptied its treasures and left behind poverty, suffering, pain and security chaos for the people.

No matter how the dominant political forces in Lebanon try to embellish their ugly faces with the powdery ministerial fraudulent statements, they will remain tainted with the accusation of sponsoring Iranian-backed terrorism by submitting to the inhabitant of the dark dungeons, Hassan Nasrallah, who was blind not to see the people’s uprising against his gang.

Nonetheless, Nasrallah has mastered in looting the populist decision through that government and the mafia’s political and financial alliance subjected to the will of that terrorist has led this beautiful country, which was once the message of coexistence, democracy and freedom of opinion to tunnels of chaos, looting and theft, rendering it parallel to the Persian expansionist rifle that fired sectarian bullets toward all Arabs and Muslims.

This political monster was not far from him, boasting of the designated Iraqi prime minister who indicated he is working as per the demands of the people, not realizing it was not in his hand. In reality, he was working on the dictates of hired goons who are operated by the Iranian intelligence, and undoubtedly, the plans are far away from Iraqi people.

Perhaps, the two Lebanese and Iraqi leading forces should understand the reality of the message sent by the Arab and international community saying the doors of their capitals are closed to them, because they lack the most basic elements or underlying principles of government due to the fact that they did not come with reforms the international community insisted on, in order to establish relations with them, but to protect the militias and mafia gangs, carry out lootings, and continue protecting the perpetrators of Persian expansionism and terrorist projects in the region.

Millions of protesters in both Iraq and Lebanon uprisings will not return home until their demands are met, because if they abandon this sacred mission, they will find themselves in the cellars of starvation and prisons of pain and deprivation, under the mercy of executioners who can only see what their terror master living in the dark ages sees where chirping of bats are only heard. Without any doubt, he does not master the language of bats!

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 16214 times!

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