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Iranian strikes on US and Ukrainian crash!

“In politics, stupidity is not a handicap” – Napoleon Bonaparte.

Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi

Politics is full of strange malice, unusual questions, and reconsideration of positions and theories, most of which are doubtful. There are some incidents that I cannot follow-up as a mere follower, unless I link them together either by measuring up or distrusting.

The expansive halls of politics do not include a corner for ethics or a comfortable couch for humanity to sit! The disturbing news about the ballistic missile strikes from Iran on the American base in Ain Al-Asad within the Iraqi territories was a clear retaliation for the assassination of the Iranian top official Qasem Soleimani.

Iran claimed that the ballistic missile strikes killed eight US soldiers, but the United States declared that there has been no human casualty in the base till now!

In related news reported close to the previous incident, a Ukrainian commercial plane crashed shortly after takeoff from Tehran International Airport due to technical reasons! Of course, the announcement of “technical reasons” was released by the Iranian authorities, not the concerned airline or the Ukrainian government!

There are predictions, though inaccurate but could be regarded as predictions or questions as its replacement. Among the major questions is this – Is there any link between the Iranian ballistic missile strikes and the Ukrainian plane crash?

The question here does not indicate that Iran attacked Ukraine, but the possibility of a missile missing its target and hitting the plane, leading to its disastrous crash that claimed the lives of at least 180 passengers onboard! The above is a mere question rather than information. It is a known fact that the Iranian- Ukrainian relationship is cordial, but what we are saying is that it could be an unintentional military error.

This is because it is unimaginable to target an aircraft in which the passengers and the owners were not part of the US-Iranian dispute! The required fact will come out of the investigations within the next few days. The Iranian Foreign Affairs Minister Javad Zarif declared on Twitter that Iran has ended its response.

The US President Donald Trump announced that the Iranian attack did not claim human casualties and that he is yet to read any neutral report concerning the incident! The question is still hot – is there any link between the Iranian strikes and the Ukrainian plane crash? There is enough time for an answer… and tomorrow that we are waiting for is just around the corner!

By Yousef Awadh Al-Azmi
Twitter – @alzmi1969

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