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Interior … if silence is silver speech is gold!

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

WE don’t know why the Ministry of Interior is dealing with us in a manner that is causing a stir in our society due to the actions of its employees. The ministry is dealing with us through a terrible silence policy!

The mother of a Kuwaiti disabled youth who died in the hands of detectives rejected the forensic report relating to her deceased son, because in her capacity as an investigator at the Public Prosecution, details of the corpse of her son were different from what forensic doctors and staff put out. This was an error from the Ministry of Interior, and it can happen only in Kuwait among the countries of the world. Peace be upon the Holy Prophet! How can a department within a ministry confirm an error that occurred in the same ministry?

Let us go back to the issue of the Filipino victim Jeanelyn Villavande, which caused serious diplomatic and social tension between the Philippines and Kuwait. It has gone beyond the victim Jeanelyn to all Kuwaiti families who have been denied the services of Filipino workers in their homes, and will continue to miss them, due to the crime over which the Ministry of Interior has also maintained a terrible silence without any known reason. It has not announced the referral of the Filipino’s murder suspects to the judiciary until now!!

Information has it that the husband of the murder suspect occupies a senior security position in the Ministry of Interior. I hope this is not true! I have read the Filipino forensic report dated Jan 14, 2020, which was issued by the Filipino Judicial Sector and the National Investigations Office. It is a medical report written in English. My body hair froze over the content of the report and how it described the remains of the victim Jeanelyn after examining her in the Philippines, as no part of her body escaped signs of inhumane brutal torture.

I hope the Ministry of Interior, represented by the Forensic Department, will read and compare the report to Kuwait’s version emanating from that department to respond to the content, if possible, because the report will be a dark spot on Kuwait’s human rights record, which will be difficult to remove.

We thank God that the Prosecutor General has issued a decision ordering remand of the woman accused of killing the Filipino in the Central Prison for 21 days alongside the husband over the brutal killing they perpetrated. There are reports that the Embassy of the Philippines in Kuwait has been shut down!! In that regard, we have had enough of threats from a Filipino minister concerning the killing of two Kuwaitis as a revenge for murder of the unlucky Filipina!!

Our well guided government, represented by the Ministry of Interior, also received the information with terrible silence!! We urge the Ministry of Interior to honor us with its voice. If silence is of silver … speaking in such a situation is golden!!!

By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Former Oil Minister

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