Horse of Islamic Republic of Lebanon, Marie cake and Nasrallah

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Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

WHAT is transpiring in Lebanon is not a financial crisis but a ring of coup series that started decades ago. It was tailored by Hezbollah under the inspiration of the evil Iranian mentality with the objective of implementing what Hassan Nasrallah said in the 1980s, “We are not seeking to establish an Islamic republic in Lebanon, but to be part of Iran’s guardianship of the Islamic jurist”.

Despite all the glamorous rhetoric about the sovereignty and independence of the decision and “Iran’s non-interference in Lebanese affairs”, Hezbollah continued with its slyness in implementing the hegemonic scheme through a long-term strategy that began with dominating the political voice of the Shiite community and reserving it as a bargain chip for future political settlements.

As described by the first president of Lebanon the late Charles Debbas, Lebanon is “a country ruled by settlements rather than constitution”.

Hezbollah went to curtail the livelihood of the Lebanese people, and spared no effort in infiltrating and sabotaging the ruling system. It infiltrated the Parliament by installing 29 MPs and influencing successive governments since the year 2000, through which it sabotaged the formation of the government and disrupted the presidential elections in order to promote its candidate – Hassan Diab (a Trojan horse) – to lead the government.

Therefore, the current financial storm in Lebanon is part of Hezbollah’s series of plans. It is well aware of the fact that the existence of a free banking system in Lebanon would make it impossible to put it under its leash due to international and regional restrictions in this regard. This means declaration of bankruptcy of this vital sector and nationalization of banks are the ideal way of control the rest of the state.

Throughout the past decades, the Lebanese nation has been trying to remedy this chronic disease – Hezbollah – with painkillers and settlements despite their prior knowledge of the ineffectiveness of such remedy. They opted to delay the final remedy, either in fire of the illegal arms brandished on their faces especially after the bloodbath that began with the assassination of their country’s Prime Minister Rafik Hariri and the rest of the martyrs of the Cedar Revolution or benefit from the lost time with perhaps the antidote from overseas.

Currently the plot has reached its climax. The threat is not only political as some imagine, but has become a systematic act of impoverishing the people and bankrupting the state. Starvation doesn’t favors anyone, and the first to be affected in this regard are those who Nasrallah describe as “resistance stronghold”, the majority of which are of the Shiite sect.

This also applies on the rest of the Lebanese people who continue to languish in unbearable poverty especially since their currency value continues to drop faster than the show missiles behind which the Mullahs in Iran and their Arab agents hide.

The demands of this diabolical group exceed the calls to prosecute corrupt individuals or dismiss an official. This group is waging a full-fledged coup against all formulas that would improve the face of Lebanon and prevent the Lebanese Lira from facing similar fate as that of Iran’s Toman, especially after the Arab and Western countries decided to lift their hands off this country.

Nonetheless, this land of cedars awaits a revolution that is not driven by authoritarian parties or political opposition currents but is a popular hungry revolution against the group that impoverished them and made their country a farm for terrorism.

In this regard, Nasrallah’s rhetoric and nonsense regarding the victories of the resistance axis will not echo at all because starving stomachs are louder that fake rhetoric.

There is no doubt that the Lebanese, who have been made to crave for bread by Hezbollah, will not be invited by the sly Nasrallah to eat cake as it was the case two centuries ago when the French Queen Marie Antoinette told her starving people to eat cake upon learning that they had no bread.

In fact, the Lebanese will eat the one who impoverished them, those in power, their partners and their supporters from Beirut to Tehran.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 17031 times!

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