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Ahmad Al-Sarraf

ALONG with tens of board chairmen, I pay tax to Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS).  Actually, we have not seen any tangible achievement which can be called scientific advancement in the last 25 years despite the accumulated financial and scientific experiences.  However, this does not mean that KFAS has not been doing its job properly since its establishment 40 years ago.  It did a good job in marketing and enhancing the development of Science.

Nevertheless, KFAS admits that what has been achieved so far cannot be compared with the ambitions and it stresses that there is still much to be done. Taking off from this point, KFAS presented recommendations to develop a comprehensive culture of creativity, Science and technology.

Moreover, KFAS managed, to some extent, to promote the scientific culture, support the talented and provide an environment conducive for scientific research.  It also did a good job in developing the links needed for trading applications and other fields.

A few weeks ago, I was invited by KFAS to visit Sabah Al-Ahmad Center for Talent and Creativity in order to get a closer look at the scientific activities that are not known to many.  It was a non-working day when we visited some schools and institutes belonging to the center – first was in Qadsiya, second was in Al-Sawaber and third was in Shuwaikh. These schools and institutes were established to support and care for talented and creative youths and students.

The center refers these students to suitable places that enable them to develop their talents and practice their creativity without affecting their normal study period.  Such places help students transform ideas into useful projects and inventions.   Many of those talented students won international awards and proved their exceptional abilities.

I was happy as the visit gave me hope of having a new generation which cares about important issues that we neglected in favor of some trivial subjects although we gained nothing from them except more backwardness, thereby, devastating students’ brains and sending them to a dark destiny.

We call on KFAS to increase its activities and support them through the accumulation of distinguished experiences.

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By Ahmad Al-Sarraf


This news has been read 10418 times!

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