Honored by the blessing of Islam before plagued with your ideas!

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THE new Kuwaitis have been plagued with our political authorities over the years.  They and their sons believe we are the infidels of Quraish (Kofar Quraysh). The lord of the servants sent them to guide us to what is right!

Otherwise, is it possible for someone to protest against a New Year’s party when we are in the 21st century?  We work, study and date everything that we find interesting in this life.  We know our years. As for the Hijri year (Islamic calendar), it is only used for religious holidays like Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha.  Those who belong to the Jaafari Sect use it for Ashura – a day of expressing grief and sadness for the slaughter of the grandson of our noble Messenger, Imam Hussein, and the people of his honorable household (Ahl Al-Bayt).

We honor and respect the people for someone who annoyed us recently by protesting against an ‘innocent’ party held in a public place (hotel) to celebrate New Year’s Day; while the ‘rational’ government obeyed him and referred the hotel owners and those who attended the party for investigation and trial!

Such events were held in public – in our hotels and public places – in the sixties, seventies and mid-eighties, until we were afflicted by certain personalities and figures.  The government would subjugate and disgrace them, so they would fluff their feathers on us and we say to them: Are you full?  They ask: Is there more?!

Hundreds of celebrations were held in Kuwait like this party in a public place as well as apartments, villas, chalets and camping sites.  Where were the guards of piety and the ‘fatwa’ spokesmen?  Where was the ‘rational’ government that feared and became submissive to such people?!

Government submission tempted a young man from the disastrous Dec 5 Assembly, who submitted within a few days a proposal to increase the religious institutes for boys and girls in all the governorates of Kuwait?!

We say to the immature young man that we worked with his late father, may God forgive him, in the National Assembly as ministers and lawmakers of the 1992 Assembly.  The deceased was a logical religious man, may God have mercy on him.  Through his religion, he had a relationship with his Creator.  He did not attempt to trade in religiosity or populist parade, as he was the representative of all the people.

We say to the immature MP that we lived in Kuwait and between our backs was a religious institute located on a street bearing his name in the old souk area.  It is an extension of Gharabally Market and behind it is Bin Duaij Market. Its walls include all the spectra of the original Kuwaiti people – before we came to prominence with the Kuwaitis who were imported or naturalized by the authority.

Kuwait radiated in terms of religion and culture; hence, the emergence of clerics like Sheikh Yusuf bin Isa, Sheikh Abdullah Al-Nuri, Sheikh Hamada and others.  We listened to them submissively because they spoke only with logic and truth.

These people rejected the bloody religious ‘takfiri’ principles whose followers used to surround us while they were outside the borders, until they entered to silence us and hold our breath – similar to what you and the likes of you are doing now.

We are in Kuwait, my great nephew, may God honor us with the true and pure Islam before we were plagued with ideologies (ideas) like yours.

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By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil

This news has been read 71640 times!

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