Hillary letters exposed the ‘Brotherhood’ gang

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Ahmad-jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

WHEN history reveals its secrets, denials have no value.

On this basis, it is possible to measure “Brotherhood” behavior before, during, and after the wave of the so-called Arab Spring when the administration of the US President Donald Trump took off the cover of about 55,000 documents from the e-mail of the former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, during the era of Barack Obama, who had strongly supported the chaos movement in the Arab world, and pushed the terrorist group to rule in Egypt and some other countries.

Since the first moments of the wave of chaos that swept through Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Iraq and other countries, rational voices have been warning of the malicious scheme. This was at a time when the Obama administration had exercised the most horrific types of pressure on the regimes to offer bitter concessions to those who called themselves “revolutionaries for freedom” when they were actually just a bunch of agents and criminals.

Also, it is no longer surprising to see Turkey’s desperate adoption of the group, which has been selling itself throughout history, starting with working for Britain and not ending with taking up the dirty work of the Erdogan regime.

In these letters, many scandals were exposed, all of which indicate the insolence of the Muslim Brotherhood Group in its relationship with its employers, and its relinquishment of the rights of the nation and people in order to seize power. By the way, this is the method that they used with the rulers of several countries, especially in the Arabian Gulf region.

They approach them with apparent religiosity, and pray for them, and in return, they extract by fraud everything that will enable them to achieve their goals. They therefore plant their followers in the royal and Amiri diwans, send some others to the ministries, and work through societies that give them a charitable character when they are actually a source of funding right under the eyes of governments.

Today, we thank God that the Gulf countries and most of the other countries in the region survived this devastating hurricane.

Undoubtedly, everyone owes Egypt and its wise leadership for confronting this scheme, and meeting the popular demands on June 30, 2013. The state recovered from its Brotherhood hijackers, when President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi handled them with softness in order to prevent a major massacre in the country if they clung to power. And we all remember how they moved their offsprings in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and other Arabian Gulf states to call for the downfall of their regimes.

Indeed, some of them reached the extent of saying, “Today Egypt, tomorrow Kuwait and then all the Gulf countries”.

The surprising fact was not only in those documents, but also in the relations between that terrorist gang and Tel Aviv, which quickly came to the surface. Dr Mohammad Morsi’s letter to Shimon Peres and his call to “Dear Shimon” can be regarded as one of the indications of the extent of the lies and elusiveness of this group that expresses hostility to Israel in public but secretly establishes relations with it.

Today, the betrayal of those who denied the plan to cut off part of Sinai and annex it to the Gaza Strip, and then assemble the criminals of the world in it from ISIS and others, to make that region an Israeli tool to terrorize the region as a whole and blackmail it, has been exposed.

The people of the region will know how tough the leaders of the Gulf states are in confronting them for this scheme, which would have dragged into infernal woes, and how they saved their countries and people a lot of blood.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 31711 times!

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