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You haven’t manufactured Airbus … not even a pencil

I DO NOT understand the braggadocio of an Arab, especially about the world in which he has not partaken even an inch in its development that he is also enjoying immensely.

I do not understand the mentality or cobwebs which cover the Arab mentality, to a point of reaching the abyss of civilization and advancement.

In fact, this mentality is treading the opposite direction, away from where the rest of the world is heading to in terms of the law, justice, equity and consultations between the ruler and the ruled. The latter is the principle which Islam stands on.

In my opinion, Arabs have not changed for centuries. They were brought up in deserts and aridness which shaped their personalities based on that cruel environment. They are not affected by the civilization of other nations, even the nations which they later controlled by force and war such as the Levant, Iraq, Egypt and Persia, where most old civilizations are situated.

This is why we see all calamities and troubles of the world happening to us these days and in recent years.

In the past, we used to say that the reason behind our underdevelopment is the colonial rule of the Ottomans, followed by Britain and France which did not want us to develop in fear that we might revolt against them.

The truth is our conditions were far better during those times than after the fall of the yoke of colonialism. Look at the conditions of Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria and Iraq under the colonial administration; and look at their current conditions.

In recent times, we ignited wars in our own countries as it happened in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, etc.

These wars are Arab-made. We, the fanatics of ‘conspiracy theory,’ love to shift the blame for our sins on others – at times on the West and Israel, and at other times on Iran; whereas in reality, our hands are dripping off blood from each other through our unambiguous decisions.

We witnessed ourselves feigning tears over Arabs and Muslims in a selective and abhorrent manner during civil wars that happened and continue to happen in our region.

We all remember the wailing of some in a hideous and selective manner over the people of Fallujah, then Aleppo and other cities and regions; whereas some extremist Arab news media referred to the martyrs of Sinai’s Al-Rouda Mosque as ‘victims’ instead of calling them ‘martyrs.’

Pope Francis of Rome visited Myanmar last week, where he called for respecting every ethnic group and that all human rights should be observed respectfully.

The City Council of Oxford (Britain) stripped Myanmar’s de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi of the ‘Freedom of Oxford,’ which was given to her several years ago. On the other hand, we have not seen among Arabs, who love to be described as bearers of the flag of Islam, any significant material or financial effort for the oppressed, displaced, discriminated and killed Rohingyans.

The difference is clearly sad and unfortunate as we continue to wonder when our conditions will improve.

We do not want to build and manufacture Airbus; but we pray to Almighty Allah to grant us knowledge that, at least, will enable us to manufacture a pencil or even sharpen it.

By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli – Former Minister of Oil



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  1. Assalam o Alikum Sir Ahmad al Baghli,
    your article touched my heart really.Your observation is fantastic on current situation.May Allah give your pen more n more power to write better for Muslim Ummah aaameeeen.

    your best Wisher

    Tanvir Ahmad

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