Hassan Nasrallah’s tomato and cucumber speech

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Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

IT is stunning to watch how the Lebanese are subjugated to a liar who is fleeing from international justice and is dictating to them theories that came out of the blue.

Isn’t it ironic that the Lebanese – the people who have produced dozens of heads of state and senior officials in Latin America and elsewhere as well as media moguls, managers of international companies and financial institutions, and experts in various scientific disciplines, and are distributed all over the world – are hostage of the Hezbollah terrorist group and its leader Hassan Nasrallah?

This fugitive has once again emerged from his bunker, presenting himself this time as an agricultural, industrial and spiritual expert, after the time when he used to spew out intimidations, threats and hostilities against Israel, the United States of America, and the Arabian Gulf states … How different is he from Hitler and Stalin?!

Lately, he has been rambling nonsense that sparks laughter to the brink of shedding tears.

Nasrallah is asking the Lebanese to grow vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, etc) and grains on their balconies and rooftops in order to deal with the blockade allegedly imposed by the United States.

However, his terrorist group prevents them from cultivating their land in southern Lebanon where they had previously planted mines and cluster bombs that Israeli planes had shelled in various areas because of his absurd ventures, germinating death and destruction for its residents.

As for the Beqaa region in the east, Nasrallah is encouraging the people there to grow cannabis on the plateau, which once fed the Roman Empire with wheat and grain. Perhaps, he wants them to “get high” and forget what he is doing to the people in the south.

Isn’t it better for the master of crisis to stop the cultivation, manufacturing and smuggling of drugs, and allow the landowners to grow crops that will help them live in the kind of dignity and pride that he claims?

It is said, “If God is angry at an ant, He makes it grow wings.” Nasrallah (wrath is upon him here and in the Hereafter) has become like a raging elephant in a market that sells crystal; wherever he moves, he breaks and wrecks.

He believes that his nonsensical speech can change the reality and make people believe in his foolish promises; but all that he gets is people ridiculing him and his ideas.

This moron is asking the well-cultivated and learned people of Lebanon to turn to Iran, under the assumption that the latter is a major world power in industrial, medical and military aspects, and forgetting that this regime of Mullahs is in a destitute situation due to its absurd political games.

This regime is begging the world to give it a few million dollars in order to deal with the living and economic crisis that it has brought upon its people to such an extent that its currency has lost value to the US dollar reaching an exchange rate of 217,000 tomans to a dollar. No rhetoric has benefited its leaders, and this makes us wonder – Could a country in such a situation be of help to another country?

It’s not a secret when we say, “The fury of hunger that the Lebanese are currently enduring is the making of this liar.” There must come a day, very soon, when Nasrallah will be taken to the streets as the Iraqis did to King Faisal, Nuri al-Said and Abd al-Karim Qasim. Only then will the terrorists realize their atrocities.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 64901 times!

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